The most expensive in the world

The most expensive in the world


In the sexy underwear market, there are some very expensive styles.Among them, some designers develop sexy underwear even comparable to the price of many people buying a house.This article will introduce the most expensive sexy underwear in the world.

Sexy Milly underwear

Milly underwear brand has always been a famous brand globally.They bypassed the conventional design and steadily embarked on the road of wealth and luxury.Milly gold underwear is made of 18K pure gold, which can be worn on any special occasion that needs to show off your body.Gold underwear is priced at $ 350,000.

The secret of Victoria with a long history

Victoria’s secret history is long -term and famous. Their underwear has attracted much attention for its unique design and many famous models.Victoria’s secret knows how to tailor the best items for models and customers.Their diamond -sexy women’s underwear has become one of the top boutiques.This underwear is priced at $ 2.5 million.

Underwear at the Oscar dinner

Brown Miller is a brand in New York, and they have done a good sense of luxury.The diamond underwear they showed at the Oscar dinner involved more than 4,000 diamonds and designed by the famous jewelry Harry Winston.The price is more than $ 15 million.

Kurvit’s eagle wing bra

The Kurvit brand’s eagle wing bra is one of the unique, rich and exciting elements of this brand.This bra is made of 14K gold and 2700 diamonds, and can be split into a pair of earrings.This bra is priced at $ 2 million.

Luxury black diamond metal underwear

Black Diamond’s sexy underwear brand design and create this breakthrough black diamond metal underwear, which is one of the most luxurious sexy lingerie in the world.There are 1500 black diamonds and metal nets, and the entire underwear costs more than 15 million US dollars.

Diamond underwear of top designer Jill Zarin

The famous underwear designer Jill Zarin launched this exquisite diamond underwear in 2011 and showed it at New York Fashion Week.The underwear is made of 3,000 diamonds and South Africa gold, which is priced at about $ 1.5 million.

A complete set of Rideklav boutiques

In 2006, the Swiss underwear brand RIEDEL KRAUSE made a whole set of boutiques for a collector.There are 39 underwear, which are composed of different gems and gold.This set of underwear is priced at more than $ 11 million.

The expensive petals red underwear

On the popular sexy underwear, the red series of petals is an expensive sexy underwear, which is designed by a famous sexy underwear designer Lise Charmel.This underwear is made of fishing silk and 24K golden lines, with a price of more than $ 22,000.

Get rejuvenating pearl underwear

The underwear brand Kisualinda designed a kind of feminine pearl underwear.This underwear is made of 900 pearls of different sizes, and the price is as high as $ 5,000.

The perfect combination of sexy and luxurious

This article lists some of the most expensive sexy underwear. All these underwear are very expensive, but they have a common point: the perfect combination of sexy and luxurious.They represent the best elements in the design of sexy underwear, which are tailor -made for special occasions and people.If you want sexy and luxurious appearance, these brands must consider.

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