The first time a couple uses sexy underwear

The first time a couple uses sexy underwear

Sexy underwear is a sexual supplies that can add fun and romantic atmosphere. Its elements involved include color, style and material.These factors will not only make sexy underwear more attractive, but also bring more fun and passion to the sex life of couples.When a couple wants to use sexy underwear for the first time, they can search for some matching methods online, or buy well -received brand styles.Then, let me introduce you to the first few aspects that couples should pay attention to using sex underwear for the first time.

Choose a style that suits you

There are many styles of sexy underwear. From the sexy backs of suspenders, half -cups and full cups of corset, split T pants to Japanese bangfeng uniforms, each style has its unique attractionPower and applicable situations.When buying, you need to consider whether this type of underwear is suitable for your body and style, and you must understand and respect each other’s preferences and needs when choosing with your partner.

Pay attention to color matching

The color matching of sexy underwear is equally important. It can affect the rendering of the atmosphere, the gender character switching, and the experience of the color stimulus.Unlike casual white and deep black, white and red underwear can create a cheerful and romantic atmosphere. Black and purple underwear can improve interest and mystery.Therefore, when matching the color of underwear, we must not only consider your temperament, taste and hobbies, but also comprehensively consider the partner’s feelings and visual stimulus points.

Pay attention to comfort and quality

Interest underwear is not only one decoration, but it is also a dress that needs to pay great attention to comfort and quality.If you choose inappropriate size or low -quality fabrics, it may have a adverse effect on your body and health.When you buy underwear, you can understand the material, thickness and elasticity in advance, and will not cause discomfort or cause unnecessary errors when you wear.

With traditional sex supplies

The wearing of sexy underwear is not conflicting with traditional sex supplies. Underwear can better cooperate with traditional products to bring a better sex experience.For example, you can choose a bellyband underwear to cooperate with handcuffs or blindfolds to stimulate your partner’s nerves and curiosity, add interest and romantic atmosphere.

Keep your body in a good condition

Before wearing sexy underwear, keep your body in a good condition.If it is a baby’s belly, you need to conduct abdominal muscle training in time to show your body with a sling underwear; if you are bent over the hump, you can choose to use tight underwear to modify the body shape and let your partner feel the best you.Of course, choosing the right underwear is the key. Excellent underwear allows you to take a place at the same time as confident, especially in the competitive environment of the survival of the fittest.

Prepare sex supplies in advance

If you need to cooperate with the on -site auxiliary items, you may wish to prepare sexy supplies in advance to better play the role of sexy underwear.For example, you can choose props such as massage sticks or sexy beeswax, and use it with erotic underwear to stimulate eroticism and make sex more exciting and interesting.

Keep good communication

Moreover, when choosing a sexy underwear, the partner should maintain good communication and respect, fully understand each other’s sexual desire and needs, and be more natural and comfortable when investing.In addition, communication should also pay attention to respect and protect the other party’s privacy, and do not force the other party to conduct experiments with fear and discomfort.


Interest underwear is a kind of sex supplies that add fun and romantic atmosphere, but you need to pay attention to comfort, quality, matching and color matching before use, and always maintain good communication and respect between partners.When using sexy underwear, you should stand at the same perspective from the perspective of the other party to enhance the relationship between husband and wife, so that each other feels more love and beauty in the sexual experience.

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