The erotic underwear is torn off and it drops

Interest underwear is a charming underwear. Many women buy and try to wear them.But when buying, many women will find that some sexy underwear is torn away, which makes them very confused and dissatisfied.Today, let’s explore this problem and give some solutions.

Common situation 1: Cracking material problems

Many sexy lingerie materials are too thin to bear fierce activities and exercise.This is why many women often fall after wearing it.Therefore, when buying, you must choose a high -quality sexy underwear for the material. The material should be soft and elastic.You may wish to choose some sex hooks, the sexy underwear design of the underwear with the belt, which can enhance the fixing, improve the comfort, and let you move freely after putting it on.

Common situation 2: The size is inappropriate

Sometimes, the reason for wearing a sexy underwear is that you do not choose the right size, which requires professionals to help you measure your body size.Because the size of the underwear is not suitable, it directly affects the fixed effect of the underwear.Therefore, you must choose the size according to your body size. It is recommended not to choose underwear that exceeds your body size, and do not choose too tight sexy underwear.

Common Situation 3: Unreasonable design

Some erotic underwear design is beautiful, but it is difficult to wear. This requires you to keep more time to understand the design style and buy it in line with your physical characteristics.When buying a sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to the style, so that the style is consistent with your own figure.In addition, there are some details settings in sexy underwear, such as whether to strengthen the splint and whether there are built -in steel brackets, etc. These can increase the fixing of sexy underwear.

Common Situation 4: No fixed force

Some sexy underwear is very easy to drop even if its design is reasonable.And this is mainly because they do not have a special fixed function.In addition to choosing high -quality materials, it is recommended to choose sexy underwear with special elastic bands and angel wings, which can better support the chest, reduce the burden on the chest, and make you move more freely and confident when wearing sexy underwear.

Common Situation 5: Improper wear

Many women do not know the restrictions on wearing time when wearing sexy underwear.Some obvious reminders should not be worn for a long time, but women have been delayed after wearing sex underwear, which leads to the phenomenon that sexy lingerie is easy to fall off.Therefore, we must pay attention to the professional dressing method of sexy underwear and the time of wearing to avoid excessive burden on excessive use.

Common situation 6: Improper cleaning

Interest underwear is high -end underwear, so it has a very special material and design.If it is not well maintained, it will not only affect its beauty, but also reduce its fixed ability.Therefore, when cleaning, be sure to use a soft washing solution, and to avoid using a washing machine, use a hand washing method, and then dry it naturally in the cool place.

Common situation 7: Too ambiguous

The design of some erotic underwear is too sexy and ambiguous. Therefore, for those who need daily activities, this design may cause a lot of discomfort and inconvenience. It cannot be worn for a long time, and it is more likely to fall off.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, you must follow the principles of science. Do not choose too much ambiguous styles so that the wearer maintains a certain degree of activity in daily activities.

Common situation 8: Simple pursuit of beauty

Women’s choice of sexy underwear is because of its unique charm, and many women only consider beauty and ignore other factors when they buy.This will cause the sexy underwear to buy is not matched with the body structure, resulting in a bad dressing effect, falling and causing discomfort.Therefore, when buying, in addition to the beautiful appearance, you must pay attention to the practicality and comfort of sexy underwear.

Common Situation 9: No conceptual wear

For some novices, wearing erotic underwear really requires some experience problems. Without this experience, many people will be confused and do not know how to wear it, so this needs to be the conceptual dressing of love underwear before buying sexy underwear.Methods can only reduce confusion in the maximum extent.

Common Situation 10: Psychological factors

Wearing erotic underwear is a kind of psychological experience and sense of accomplishment. If women still have trouble and discomfort in sexy underwear, it will exacerbate their own psychological pressure and deepen the unhappiness of wearing sexy underwear, which will also affect underwear.Fixed effect.Therefore, to adjust the mentality, we think that underwear is a taste experience of your own, and enjoy the dressing process wholeheartedly.


The above is the problem and solution that falls off as soon as it is torn.Modern women not only pursue high -quality life and quality of life, but also pursue high -quality underwear, and the most charming things in this are more interesting underwear.Rather than worrying about dropping the problem, it is better to try to choose high -quality sexy underwear and follow the above suggestions, so that the sexy underwear is scattered in your heart.

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