The cost of a sexy underwear

Falling underwear’s attractiveness

As a sexy clothing, sexy underwear has always been loved by people.Whether it is for private places or for performance, sexy underwear can have a good dress -up effect.There are all kinds of sexy underwear in the market, but what is their cost?Let’s discuss the cost of sexy underwear.

Design cost

The design of sexy underwear needs to consider many details, such as the selection of fabrics, the color matching, and the design of the style.Designers need to continue to innovate in order to win a place in the market.Their work needs to pay a lot of time and energy, which is also part of the design cost of sex underwear.

Material costs

The cost of the material of sex underwear is also very high.Because they are used to pursue comfort and sexy, high -quality materials need to be used.Under normal circumstances, the materials of sexy underwear include high -end fabrics such as lace, silk, polyester fiber, etc. These are very expensive.

Labor cost

The production of sexy underwear requires high skills and handmade skills.Every sexy underwear requires artificial tailoring, sewing, decoration and other processes.Therefore, the production of sexy underwear is much more complicated than the production of ordinary underwear, so it requires more labor costs.

transportation cost

Interest underwear is usually transported from manufacturers to sellers and final consumers.Therefore, the cost of sexy underwear also includes transportation costs.Because these sexy underwear is usually exquisite and easy to damage, the transportation cost is relatively high.


There are many different brands of sexy underwear in the market. How to stand out among many brands is a big problem.Therefore, brand propaganda is very necessary.Advertising, marketing, promotion, and public relations are part of the cost of publicity.

Wholesale cost

In most cases, sexy underwear is sold to wholesalers.Wholesalers usually buy a lot of sexy underwear for manufacturers.And this is also part of the cost of sexy underwear.

Brand influence cost

Brand influence is a cost that cannot be ignored.If the brand’s fame is good, it is easy for buyers to connect it with high quality and high value.In fact, high -quality and high -value sexy underwear usually requires more investment to establish more costs to establish brand influence.

Sales cost

Sales costs include the establishment of sales channels, employee salary, rent, and various expenses.Sales costs occupy part of the cost of sexy underwear, which is also the cost that brand vendors and brand sellers need to bear.

Retail cost

In the end, sexy underwear is sold to consumers.Therefore, the costs involved during the retail stage include shopping mall rent, store decoration, wage wages, inventory costs, etc.Because the sales price of sexy underwear is usually more expensive, retail costs are usually very high.


The cost of sexy underwear is not low, and the price is more expensive than ordinary clothing.However, because the material and workmanship of sexy underwear are relatively high, these costs are inevitable.In addition, brand influence and sales costs are also an important aspect of sexy underwear costs.If you want to buy sexy underwear with good quality, good material, and good design, you must also bear these costs.

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