The boss buy me sexy underwear for me

Embarrassing moment

On the first day of my work, my boss took me to his office.He handed me a note that asked me to go to the nearby sexy lingerie store to choose some underwear.I was very embarrassed at the time because I didn’t know how to deal with this situation.

I said my concerns.My boss didn’t care, and told me that this was just a small detail that interacted with customers.At this time, I realized that I needed to understand some sexy underwear in order to make appropriate choices.

Brand and style

Before I arrived at the sexy underwear store, I spent some time to study information about brands and styles.I found that many well -known brands produce sexy underwear and have many different styles, including sexy, adults and European and American styles.

I understand that each style has its unique design and characteristics.For example, sexy styles usually have lace and transparent design, while European and American styles focus on a noble and bold appearance.

suitable size

When I started buying underwear, I found it difficult to determine the size I need.This is a very important factor, because too small size can cause discomfort, and too large size will make the underwear uniformly fit the body.

I found that the correct measurement of the body is the key to determining the appropriate size.I spent some time to understand how to measure the body size correctly, and bought the right underwear based on this.

color match

When I was picking underwear, I started to focus on the color.I want to choose some colors that match my work clothes.This requires a certain vision and judgment.

In this process, I found that the selection of basic color tones is relatively secure.For example, black, white, or beige underwear is a better choice, because they can be matched with various different colors of clothes without causing too much attention.

Fabric and comfort

I soon discovered that the fabrics and comfort of sexy underwear are very important.Since I want to work all day, I need to ensure that the fabrics of the underwear are soft and comfortable, and can keep ventilation and breathable.

My boss reminded me wisely to pay attention to the fabric, because he knows that it is important for me.

Transparency and coverage

When choosing underwear, I also considered the two factors of transparency and coverage.I need to choose underwear that can present my sexy charm from the inside out, but I don’t want to expose myself too much.

I found that some underwear has exquisite transparent design, which can make me look sexy and tempting, but still has enough coverage.This underwear is a perfect choice for me.

Body and personality

In addition to the previous factors, I also need to consider my body shape and personality.Interest underwear should make me feel confident and comfortable, not embarrassing and uneasy.

I chose underwear that is suitable for my body, as well as styles and colors that can show my own personality.These underwear brings me more self -confidence and charm.

Check and feedback

After I finally chose underwear, my boss asked me to try on these underwear in front of him.He checked every piece of underwear to ensure that they meet the requirements of customers.

It is important to check and feedback underwear.This helps ensure the quality and adaptation of underwear, as well as customer satisfaction.

in conclusion

Although I was very embarrassed at the beginning, my master taught me some important knowledge about sexy underwear.You need to consider many factors for your own underwear, including brand, style, size, color matching, fabric and comfort, transparency and coverage, body shape and personality, as well as inspection and feedback.These knowledge is also very helpful for my future work.

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