The AV number of the office sex underwear

Why do you need to buy an office sex underwear to see the AV number?

The office’s sexy underwear has gradually become the choice of many offices.However, due to the restrictions on the working environment, many beautiful eyebrows do not know how to buy suitable underwear when buying sexy underwear.In fact, when choosing an office sex underwear, look at the AV number is a good choice.

What information can the AV number provide?

The AV number is a number method for the Japanese AV (Adult Video, adult film).The AV number contains a lot of information, such as the category of the film, which production company is it, which actors participated in.And this information is also meaningful to choosing underwear.

The relationship between AV number and office sex underwear

Although the AV number is for adult films, there are a lot of scenes, clothing matching, art design, clothing style, etc. are worthy of reference.When choosing a sexy underwear in the office, you can refer to the underwear based on the AV number.

The category in the AV number corresponds to the underwear

The common categories in the AV number include uniforms, OL, secretary, stewardess, nurses, etc.The underwear brand will also design the corresponding sexy underwear based on these categories.For example, OL -type underwear is often inspired by professional clothes, while stewardess underwear is often designed with uniforms.

Which underwear brands do the production companies in the AV number?

If you like a film’s film, or are similar to the body of an actor, you can find the corresponding underwear brand according to the production company information provided by the AV number.Underwear brands sometimes cooperate with some production companies or actors to launch a special underwear series.

Can the AV number guarantee underwear?

The AV number can provide a lot of information needed for choosing underwear, but it cannot guarantee that the underwear must fit, so it is best to try it on before buying.After all, there are still differences in different brands and different styles of underwear.

What do you need to pay attention to when choosing underwear?

In addition to referring to the AV number, you also need to pay attention to many details to choose the sexy underwear in the office, such as comfort, wearing effect, workmanship, etc.In addition, you must choose according to your body and preference.

Office sex underwear wearing skills

After putting on the office’s sexy underwear, how to make it play a better results?The first thing to note is that underwear should be coordinated with the inner clothing.Secondly, be careful not to wear too sexy or exposed, and choose a moderate sexy level.In addition, be careful not to be too tight when choosing underwear to avoid suffering.

How to correctly clean the office sex underwear?

Underwear must be cleaned in time after passing, especially in some places that are vulnerable and easy to sweat.Regarding the method of cleaning, it is best to use the cleaning instructions on the underwear label to avoid using too strong cleaners or hot water.

in conclusion

You can refer to the AV number when choosing a sexy underwear in the office. The information provided by the AV number is very helpful for choosing your own underwear.But also pay attention to other details, such as comfort, style, wearing effect, etc.Only by choosing a suitable underwear can you really play the magical effect of sexy underwear.

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