Tear sex underwear

Tearing of sexy underwear is a common situation

In the process of wearing erotic underwear every day, we will inevitably encounter tearing.Different materials of sexy underwear are different, so it can also cause different tearing situations.So, what is the cause of the tearing of sexy underwear?

Reasons for sexy underwear tortured

First of all, if you wear improperly or proper purchase, sexy underwear will easily tear due to excessive pulling or poor quality.Secondly, if your skin has problems such as spa, acne, pores, etc., these problems will affect the wearing effect of sexy underwear, accelerate the wear of sexy underwear, and make it easier to break.

The relationship between material and tear

The material of sexy underwear will also affect its tear.The soft materials such as silk and lace are relatively easy to tear, and the materials such as cotton and elasticity are more durable and difficult to break.

How to avoid erotic underwear tore

If you do not want to tear in the use of erotic underwear during use, then there are some suggestions:

Follow the instructions of the sexy underwear, do not pull too long or wear too long.

When buying, pay attention to the brand and quality, especially some high cost -effective sexy underwear, be careful of poor quality.

It is necessary to maintain good skin condition and avoid the effects of raised skin, thick pores, dry skin, etc.

How to solve sexy underwear tears

If the sexy underwear has been torn, how should it be solved?Generally speaking, we can choose the following methods to solve:

Settlement: If the range of tearing is small, we can choose to use a needle wire to sew, so that the erotic underwear will restore the original shape.

Tailoring: If the scope of tearing is large, the sexy underwear can no longer be worn again. You can choose to cut or transform into a new sexy underwear.

Discard: If the erotic underwear can no longer be repaired, you can only discard and buy again.

How to correctly wear sexy underwear

Performing erotic underwear can not only protect the sexy underwear difficult to tear, but also improve the comfort and aesthetics of wearing.Here are some techniques to wear sexy underwear:

Use the waist to adjust first: adjust the underwear to the waist, and then pull the trousers on both sides.

Cut off the sign: There will be signs on some sexy underwear, such as the price label or clothing label, you can cut them to avoid affecting the appearance.

When do you wear a sexy underwear: Put a sexy underwear before you completely remove the clothes, so that you can make more convenient choices for dressing and matching.

Common sexy lingerie styles

There are many types and uses of sexy underwear. What we usually contacted includes but not limited to the following styles:

Bra: including top, side buckle, front buckle type, shoulder straps, cross -back, hip lifting, abdomen, etc.

Underwear: Including four -corner underwear, flat panties, T -shaped pants, lace thongs, knight pants, etc.

Supreme clothes: including sexy costumes, sex pajamas, hanging sticks, lace color systems, etc.

Selecting points of sexy underwear

When we choose to buy sexy underwear, there are some points to pay attention to:

Size: Select the right size.

Material: Choose the material according to your own needs.

Style: Refer to factors such as styles, color, and comfort when buying.


Tearing of sexy underwear is a very common thing. Choosing the right brand, size and material in the process of wearing and purchasing is the key to avoid damage to sex underwear.At the same time, we also need to remember the correct posture and skills when wearing sexy underwear, so as to make the sexy underwear more durable in the process of dressing.

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