Teacher wears candy sex underwear novels

1. The first meeting

Teacher Yang, who has a good person and a good figure. With a mature charm, I like it very much.I am still a student, and I have not been in the age of official work, but I have liked this teacher.

2. Extremely boring

After class in this day, I walked at school and walked somehow to the entrance of a sexy shop behind the school. There were various things inside.Originally, I planned to see a lively. I didn’t expect to see Teacher Yang at a glance. She chatted with the clerk next to the clerk and took a red box with "candy sexy underwear".

3. The appearance of underwear

The red box really has a set of candy sex underwear. It is a set of underwear. It looks very cute. It is embellished with a variety of colors of candy. There are some small bows. The whole feeling is very sexy and cute.

4. Enthusiastic clerk

Seeing that Mr. Yang had money but didn’t know how to wear it, he still hesitated. The clerk told her very enthusiastically that underwear was three -point. First, put on a candy chest sticker, then put on candy underwear, and told her the precautions and how to use it.

5. Teacher Yang’s face

After Mr. Yang took the box out of the store, his face was very ugly. It seemed to be very dissatisfied. I saw it in my eyes and couldn’t help but approach her. I planned to ask her what happened.

6. Teacher Yang’s troubles

Teacher Yang told me that the underwear was too small, couldn’t put it on, and the chest stickers were not strong. After a while, she fell down. The underwear was almost suffocated, making her very troublesome.

7. My help

Looking at her so troublesome, looking at her dissatisfied expression, my heart was very uncomfortable, so she took the initiative to help her try on, so that she could correctly understand this underwear.

8. The stunning of candy sex lingerie

When trying it on, I found that this candy sexy underwear is really amazing. Candy chest stickers can naturally stick to the chest. Candy underwear can also be well covered.cute.

9. Teacher Yang’s feelings

After trying it on, Mr. Yang’s expression was very different. Her face was excited. He felt that he was judged as two people before, saying that this set of underwear was really fun, making her feel a different feeling.

10. Conclusion

In fact, underwear is just a kind of dress, how to look good, the key is to depend on your mood.Although this set of candy sexy underwear looks cute, only after wearing it can we truly exert its charm.

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