Taobao sex underwear production enterprise ranking

Taobao sex underwear production enterprise ranking


As an expert in Taobao sex underwear, we are not only paying attention to the style and design of sexy underwear, but also the ranking and word of mouth of various manufacturers.Let ’s take a look at the ranking of Taobao’ s sex underwear production enterprises.

Rank No. 1: FULAN

FULAN is a well -known sexy underwear brand in China. It is trusted and loved by people with its high -quality, beautiful design and good reputation.FULAN Taobao flagship store is one of the highest sales of Taobao’s most interesting underwear in Taobao. Its products cover various styles, and the price is relatively close to the people.

Ranking second: DIYA

DIYA mainly produces women’s sexy underwear. The product style is fashionable and sexy. It is loved and respected by consumers with unique design and comfortable dressing feelings.The service quality of DIYA Taobao flagship store is also very good, and after -sales service has been well received by consumers.

Ranking third: mengjun

Mengjun is a company specializing in production of adult sex products. The product quality is reliable and the price is relatively affordable. It has been widely recognized by consumers.The sales of MENGJUN Taobao flagship stores are constantly rising, and it is one of the first choice brands for consumers to buy sex underwear.

Ranking fourth: Guarder

Guarder’s sexy underwear products are unique, diverse in style, and have good comfort and durability.On Taobao, the products sold by Guarder Taobao flagship store are also favored by consumers, and the sales volume is at a medium level.

Ranking Fifth: JiuChien

Jiuchien is a company engaged in the production and sales of love underwear and adult supplies. The sales on Taobao are also good. Its product design is unique and different in style, which meets the needs of different people.Jiuchien’s pre -sales and after -sales service of Taobao flagship stores are also in place, which has been well received by consumers.

Ranking 6: DAISI

DAISI is a company specializing in the production of women’s sexy underwear. Its products have the characteristics of fashion and sexy, and are loved and favored by young women.The sales of Daisi Taobao flagship store cannot be underestimated, and its service quality has been recognized by many consumers.

Ranking 7th: zhunaike

Zhunaike’s sexy underwear design style is stylish and personality. Each series has its own unique characteristics, which is loved and sought after by consumers.The sales and reputation of Zhunaike Taobao flagship store are one of the leaders in Taobao sex underwear manufacturers.

Ranking 8th: xinnaisite

Xinnaisite is a comprehensive sexy underwear company. The sexy underwear produced covers a variety of styles and styles, and the price is relatively affordable.XINNAISITE Taobao flagship store products are relatively popular, and its after -sales service is also trusted.

Ranking ninth: kama

Kama is a company specializing in the production of male sex lingerie and adult products. Its product has a variety of products and good quality. It is the best choice for consumers.The services of Kama Taobao flagship store are also relatively in place, and consumers can also get good after -sales protection after purchasing.

Ranking Tenth: Sale of the Century

Sale of the Century is a new brand of Taobao sex underwear. Its product design is novel and unique in style. It is popular with consumers. It is a brand worthy of attention.


The above is the ranking of Taobao sex underwear production enterprises. Each brand has its own characteristics and advantages. Consumers should make choices according to their needs and preferences when choosing.

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