Taobao sex lingerie brand

1 Introduction

Taobao, as China’s largest e -commerce platform, has a lot of sexy lingerie brands.For consumers who pursue high -quality sexy underwear, these brands are a good choice.This article will introduce several Taobao sexy underwear brands, including brand characteristics, styles, cost -effectiveness, etc., and provide you with reference for sexy underwear purchases.

2. Love

LOVE is a Taobao shop based on sexy underwear.The brand is characterized by diverse and rich styles, which can meet the needs of various consumers.LOVE’s sexy underwear is mainly sexy, explicit and bold style, and the price is real and cost -effective.However, it should be noted that their size is small. It is recommended that buyers check the size table in detail before buying.

3. Aimerfeel

Aimerfeel is a sexy underwear brand from Japan, and it also has a high reputation on domestic Taobao.The brand’s sexy underwear is elegant, advanced, and elegant. It is rich in style, rich in product styles, unique ingenuity, and is also expensive.But the quality of Aimerfeel is impeccable and comfortable to wear, which is one of the reasons why the brand is very popular.It is worth mentioning that Aimerfeel also has customized services.

4. Pettela

Pittla is a well -known domestic sexy underwear brand. He has sponsored the dance show "Dancing Miracle", so its brand is well -known.Petdula’s sexy underwear blends Chinese and Western culture in style, rich in style, and is more cost -effective.It is worth mentioning that Petduola’s size is more accurate and not too small or too large. It is very suitable for consumers who like to buy sexy underwear online.

5. RuMeiai

Rumeiai is a famous French sexy underwear brand and a well -known brand on Taobao.Rumeiai’s erotic underwear focuses on noble, luxurious and sexy, with excellent quality and expensive prices.However, Ruleiai also has many details in details, such as the embellishment of lace and pearls, which has enhanced the charm of sexy underwear.Therefore, it takes a certain amount of economic strength to buy Rumeia.

6. La Perla China official flagship store

La Perla is a famous Italian sexy underwear brand, and its official Chinese flagship store is also opened on Taobao.La Perla’s sexy underwear design style is elegant, beautiful, full of nobleness, the quality is also very good, and the price is more expensive.However, La Perla’s sexy lingerie is comfortable and can show the beautiful curve of women well. It is a typical "internal and external" sexy underwear.


Voomore is a sexy underwear brand from Taiwan and is also sold on Taobao.Voomore’s sexy lingerie has a variety of styles, including sexy, loose, lace, etc. The price is also relatively close to the people. It has won the trust of many consumers at high cost performance.Although Voomore’s popularity in China is relatively low, the quality of the sexy underwear will not be inferior.

8. Gunia

Gunia is a sexy underwear brand from Hong Kong, China, and is more famous on Taobao.Gunia’s sexy underwear style is sexy, noble, elegant, and uses noble, elegant, innovative as a brand concept.Gunia’s price is relatively high, but they focus on quality and details, which is one of their popular reasons.

9. Summary

The above brands are only the tip of the iceberg in the Taobao sex underwear market, and there are many other brands worth exploring and excavating.When buying sexy underwear, consumers should not only pay attention to styles and prices, but also pay attention to brand reputation and quality.I hope this article can provide you with some useful purchase suggestions.

10. Viewpoint

The interesting underwear market is constantly developing and expanding, and more and more brands are influx.However, when we buy these products, we must pay attention to the brand’s reputation and quality.Only in this way can we buy products that meet their needs.At the same time, sex underwear, as a part of a female cosmetics, should be more accepted and promoted.

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