Taobao releases sexy underwear to review

Taobao releases sexy underwear to review

Recently, Taobao issued a sex underwear review regulations that all sexy underwear needs to be reviewed to sell.This news has attracted the attention and concerns of many sellers. Let’s take a look at the relevant situation.

Which erotic underwear needs to be reviewed?

All sexy underwear involved in human sensitive parts, including but not limited to sexy lingerie, perspective sexy underwear, SM sexy underwear, and even physical erotic lingerie, all need to be reviewed.

What are the criteria for review?

The audit standards mainly include the following aspects:


Whether to

Is it too teasing

Whether the material is safe and comfortable

Is there bad tendencies such as pornography, violence, and vulgarity

If the sex lingerie meets the above standards, you can sell it on the shelves.Otherwise, you need to modify or remove.

Why review?

The reason why Taobao has to conduct sex underwear review is to protect consumers’ health and rights.Some low -quality erotic underwear has problems such as too teasing and safety hazards. If it is sold at will, it will bring huge risks and losses to consumers.

What impact does review have on manufacturers and sellers?

For some manufacturers and sellers with good quality, better after -sales service, and large scale, review will not affect its normal operation.However, for sellers with small size, low quality, and poor after -sales service, the review will bring a lot of challenges to their sales and development.

How to pass the review?

If you want to pass the sex lingerie review, you need to achieve the following points:

Choose high -quality materials

The design is decent, the degree of sexy is moderate, but it is not explicit

Avoid using vulgar and pornographic slogans and pictures

Provide detailed product description and after -sales service

As long as the above requirements are operated, it is likely to pass the review.

What is the market prospect of sex underwear?

Interest underwear has become a huge market, and the market is still expanding.Therefore, sexy underwear is a very promising product for sellers.However, while operating erotic underwear, we must also pay attention to protecting consumers’ rights and needs and do a good job of after -sales service.

How to increase the sales of sexy underwear?

If you want to increase the sales of sexy underwear, you need to do the following points:

Provide high -quality products

Carry out promotional activities

Provide thoughtful after -sales service

Create a unique brand image

Only by fully doing the above points can we truly increase sales and win more consumer trust and support.

Point of view

Taobao’s sexy underwear review stipulates that to protect consumers’ rights and health, it is a necessary market supervision measure.For manufacturers and sellers, even if the review has increased some management costs and difficulties, as long as the requirements are made, they will benefit from this control and get better development opportunities.

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