Taitong Penile Planets

Taitong Penile Planets

What is Tongtong Instead underwear?

Taitong’s love lingerie is a unique, sexy and seductive sexy underwear, which presents a unique and sexy beauty with transparent materials.Taitong fun underwear can show the beautiful curve of women, making women more confident and charming.

What are the cases for Taiyong Fairy Lingerie?

Transparent sexy underwear is applicable in many occasions, such as nightclubs, KTV, and sex party elevation, which can make women more charming.In addition, Taitong Meiyuan underwear is also very suitable for wearing in private places, which can make you closer to your partner.

What are the styles of Taitong Performance underwear?

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There are many different styles of transparent sexy underwear, such as bras, jackets, tight skirts, lace shirts, and so on.Some too well -passing fun underwear is also equipped with lace, lace and other materials, which makes the beauty more unique, and can also increase the sexy charm of women.

What are the size of the size of the sexy underwear?

The size of Taiyin’s sexy underwear includes S, M, L, etc. At the same time, there are also rich size specifications such as 75B and 80C to choose from.In order to better adapt to various figures, many brands of Taitongwei’s sexy underwear have specially designed details such as adjustable shoulder straps.

How should I match the affection and fun underwear?

There are many ways to match the matching of sexy underwear. For example, you can match the underwear, tube top skirts, and knee long trousers to improve the overall sense of fashion.In addition, you can match some home costumes or coats to put on a full casual outfit.

How to correctly wear too much fun underwear?

Pay attention to the following points before wearing too affection and fun underwear: First of all, choose a size that is suitable for your body, do not stick to the numbers of size labels, but also pay attention to your physical condition; second, pay attention to careDamage; Finally, pay attention to your posture and self -confidence in dressing so that beauty can be truly displayed.

How to maintain too much fun underwear?

Taiyitong’s affection and fun underwear should be well maintained, but it is not the knowledge of high -ranking life skills.First raise the underwear basin, pour the washing utensils, and wait for the fabric to slowly penetrate the moisture.Then gently rub it with warm water, and finally dry it in the ventilation.Note, do not scrub or expose it to avoid damaging the material.


What are the auxiliary items of Taiyun’s sexy underwear?

There are many auxiliary products of Taiyun’s sexy lingerie, such as some underwear, belt, lace, etc., which can be used to match underwear, and can also be used as a favorite accessory.Common colors include white, black and flesh, and various tricks.

Which brands are well -known in sexy underwear?

At present, there are many brands in the market in the market, such as Dianfen, Ai, Beautiful Family, Lekai Jiao and other brands.For different personal body needs, the size and materials of different brands are different. When choosing, you can choose the most suitable brand according to your own needs.

in conclusion

Although there are many kinds of affection and fun underwear, no matter what kind of choice, women need to choose a style that suits themselves and likes.Pay attention to the following points when wearing: choose the right size, pay attention to the maintenance of the underwear, and match the suitable auxiliary items.At the same time, we must also pay attention to their own attitude and self -confidence so that beauty can be truly displayed.