T -type pants sex underwear novels

T -type pants sex underwear novels

T -type pants sex underwear novels

Through pants, this is a very sexy sexy underwear.It is usually composed of three loose bands and a triangular fabric, which can make women’s hips highlight well.It is one of the masterpieces of many sexy underwear, suitable for various occasions and activities.Now, let ’s listen to the pants of the pants for you.

Novel beginning

She is a sexy girl, and she can always attract the attention of others.Her figure is very good, and her proud part is her plump buttocks.She likes to walk on the street wearing a sexy underwear to attract every man’s sight.

The jealousy of another girl

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One night, she attended a nightclub party.She saw a girl flirting with her boyfriend.The girl’s hips were very flat, which made her a little jealous.So she left there and returned home.

She found that her underwear is old

On the way home, she suddenly found that her sexy underwear was out of date.She needs some new, sexy underwear to enhance self -confidence.As a sexy underwear expert, she knows what kind of underwear she needs to meet her needs.

She chose a sexy thong

The next day, she went to a sexy underwear shop.There, she saw a very sexy thong.This thong is composed of thin loose bands and thin triangular fabrics, which completely expose women’s hips.

She tried on thongs

Although she was a little shy, she tried to see the thong.She feels more sexy and charming.So she decided to buy this thong to use it to enhance her charm.

She put on thong to participate in the nightclub party

At the night shop party at night, she resolutely put on this sexy thong.When she walked in the crowd, everyone’s eyes gathered on her.She feels very confident and beautiful.


She met that girl

At the party, she met the girl who flirted with her boyfriend.But this time, the situation is different.She was wearing thongs, and that girl wore traditional underwear, which looked very bland.This time, she won more attention and respect for her boyfriend.

She gets more self -confidence

After returning home, she held this newly purchased thong and felt endless self -confidence.This underwear makes her feel more beautiful, sexy and confident.She decided to buy a few more sexy underwear for different styles, so that she could maintain the best state on various occasions.


This is the pants pants sex underwear novels described by Xiaobian.Return to sexy and make yourself more beautiful and confident.Whether you are a woman or a man, appropriate sexy underwear can make you more attractive.I hope that everyone can have the most suitable sexy underwear and show their most beautiful side.