Supreme Through Pants Female Wet Underwear

Supreme Through Pants Female Wet Underwear

Supreme Through Pants Female Wet Underwear

I. Overview

Conjusational thongs female sexy underwear is a cutting -edge design, sexy and seductive underwear. Its unique design can reveal the sexy, beautiful and charming figure of women. It is favored by fashion, romantic, and sexy women in recent years.Interest underwear.

Second, style and color

The styles and colors of conjoined pants and color of women’s sexy underwear can meet the different needs of the public.Among them, common styles include vest, back -off, suspenders, etc., with black, red, white, etc. in color.In addition, there are styles with lace lace and tassel, which highlights female charm.

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Third, suitable for crowd

Santa -pants female sexy underwear is suitable for women with a perfect figure, especially suitable for women with full chest, small waist and hips.In addition, couples and couples who love sexy underwear during sex can also choose this underwear to enhance sexual interest and stimulus.

Fourth, how to wear

What should be noticed in wearing a conjoined pants and women’s interesting underwear is to choose a size that is suitable for your body. Be careful not to be too tight or loose.Before wearing, you need to clean it to ensure cleanliness.After putting it on, adjust the shoulder straps and thin shoulder straps to make the conjoined underwear fit your body curve.

5. Maintenance method

The method of maintaining a conjoined pants in the pants of the pants is not to wash with a washing machine or a bleach. Strong pH and high temperature drying can cause damage to the underwear.It is recommended to wash it with warm water. After drying, please avoid sun exposure and high temperature drying.

6. Brand recommendation

When choosing a conjoined pants female sexy underwear brand, you can choose some brands specializing in the development and sales of affectionate underwear, such as: Prieti, Fuman Poetry, satin love, etc. These brands usually have good quality guarantee and after -sales salesServe.

Seven, precautions

Fetish Wear

When wearing a conjoined pants, you must pay attention to comfort and breathability when you are sexy underwear to avoid unnecessary harm to the body. At the same time, do not wear too crowded or many places, so as not to cause unnecessary embarrassment and trouble.

8. Suggestions

When paired with a panty pants, you can choose high heels or boots and stockings. This will not only extend the female body lines, but also increase the overall sexuality.In addition, you can also match your own exclusive fashion style with good quality fur jackets or slim denim shorts.

Nine, price reference

The prices of conjoined pants for pants are relatively high, generally ranging from hundreds of yuan to 1,000 yuan, and the price of different brands, materials, and styles is also different.

10. Viewpoint

Santa -pants female sexy underwear is a sexy underwear full of fashion, romantic and sexy elements. It allows women to add more interest and more stimulus in sex.However, when choosing to wear this sexy underwear, you also need to pay attention to wearing, maintenance and matching to ensure the effects and service life of the underwear.