Steel Silk Innerwear Underwear and Underwear

Steel Silk Innerwear Underwear and Underwear

Steel Silk Innerwear Underwear and Underwear

What is Steel Sets Slim Innerwear and Underwear?

Steus is a brand focusing on sexy underwear and underwear. Its design is sexy and stimulating.Its underwear has a special design, often with the characteristics of transparent, openness, and a small amount of fabric.Its underwear style is mainly G-String, thongs, T-shaped pants and open crotch panties.Especially the open crotch underwear is one of the iconic products of Steus.

Transparent sexy series

Steel’s transparent sexy series of works include short skirts, socks, suspenders, sleeping skirts, hanging socks, shorts, tights, underwear suits, etc.Its design uses high elasticity, low -sensitive, soft, breathable and smooth materials.The design and color of these styles have attracted many female customers.

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Leather sex series

The leather sex series is another iconic series of Steus.This series is made of leather technology and is made of elastic leather materials. Its appearance is unique and full of coolness.These products are designed for consumers pursuing high -quality and stimulus.

European and American Interesting Series

The European and American Interesting Series is the latest series released by Steus.Its design style highlights the bold style of Europe and the United States, with a large exposure area, and the selection of materials is more individual.These designs completely show the freedom, freshness and sexy of Europe and the United States.

Lace sexy series

The lace sexy series is one of the traditional series of Steel.Lace can not only show the side of women’s art, but also show the sexy side of women.The lace with various patterns shows the charming and charm of women.The design and color of these styles are also very attractive to consumers.

Interest underwear series

In addition to the underwear series, Steus also favors the sexy panties series.These underwear usually uses open crotch, briefs, butterfly pants, etc., with flexible design, comfortable and beautiful.Very popular in the market.

Suitable for couples

Stay Up

In addition to purchasing separately, Steel’s Slim Innerwear and Underwear Series also have a style suitable for couples.The fitted underwear between couples fills the passionate acupoints in people’s hearts.This style will also warm up love between two people.

How to maintain

The materials of sexy underwear and underwear are special and require special maintenance methods.Under normal circumstances, it is recommended to use hand washing to prohibit cleaning with brush or other thick cloth items.

Where can I buy Steicon’s Interesting underwear and underwear?

Steel Silk’s sexy underwear and underwear can be purchased in the sexual shops of products that specialize in products in this area, or they can also be purchased on large online e -commerce websites.

Suitable crowd

Steel’s sexy underwear and underwear series are suitable for customers who pay attention to personality, as well as couples, husband and wife, etc.In addition, it is also suitable for people who purchase adult products.


In short, Steel’s sexy underwear and underwear series have unique design styles, excellent materials, and quality assurance.These products are designed to add sparks to your sex life, making your life more interesting, exciting and romantic.If you want your sex to be more passionate, try Steus Sisi’s sexy underwear and underwear.