Spring underwear waist

Spring underwear waist

Spring underwear waist

As we all know, sexy underwear is a beautiful, sexy and attractive underwear, but when you buy it, you find that your waist is thick and it is difficult to wear confidence. Please don’t worry.This article will take you to understand some solutions so that you can be confident and beautiful when wearing sexy underwear.

1. Understand your figure

The first step of wearing a sexy underwear is to understand your body type, because different types of body types are suitable for different underwear styles.If your waist is thick, it is recommended to choose underwear style with waist function.

2. Preferably waist underwear

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Choosing a waist underwear is a good way to deal with thick waist.This underwear helps disperse your waist meat, create a narrower waistline, and increase your body proportion.In addition, choosing underwear with enhanced fabrics is a good choice.

3. Choose your own suitable size

It is important to keep attention when buying sexy underwear.Do not choose too large or too small, which will make you feel uncomfortable and highlight your body flaws.Make sure you choose the right size underwear to make you more comfortable and confident.

4. Don’t be too tight

Everyone likes super tight underwear, but to be honest, these tight underwear are not the best choice.When you wear too tight underwear, your body will feel restrained, which will cause muscle fatigue and prone to overheating.In addition, excessive underwear will also emphasize your physical shortcomings, ignore your beauty, especially in sexy underwear.

5. Choose high waist panties

From a stylish perspective, in recent years, high -waisted underwear has become one of the popular trends.However, from the perspective of aesthetics, high waist underwear can be visually prolonged visually to set up a better body type proportions for people, especially for waist problems.

6. Choose underwear with large chest cups

There is a saying in the fashion circle, "People with small chests, large belly, and short legs can only wear deep V."We often say that wearing a ritual will lengthen the proportion of body, making people look more slender.In fact, the big underwear with a large chest cup moves the sight up upward through the texture of the chest, which can be opened to the distance from the thick problem of the waist.


7. Choose smooth outline underwear

Some underwear may have zipper, hooks and other cute details, but if these details are too much, the sexy underwear will make your waist look more dazzling.In this regard, choosing a smooth outline or conjoined underwear can reduce prominent and reduce the sense of waist.

8. Choose a rotator sleeve windbreaker

In addition to underwear, sometimes tops can also effectively handle and cover up body shortcomings.For example, choosing shoulder sleeves windbreaker, shirts and other styles. Their wide cuts can not only cover up the thick problems of your waist, but also the deep concave lines that look out after putting on are also very fashionable.

9. Exercise strengthen health slimming

Adhering to exercise not only helps your health, but also helps you shape the perfect body line.Choose the right way of exercise, such as aerobic exercise, yoga or running, which can improve the proportion of body.

10. Mental determination of underwear beauty

Everyone has disadvantages, and no one is perfect.When choosing a beautiful underwear that suits you and put on them, remember to uphold a self -confidence and happiness, so that you can not be afraid when you wear sexy underwear.

in conclusion

When choosing a sexy underwear, the body shape and proportion of the wearer are important considerations.When choosing underwear, the selection of materials should be appropriate, the size must be accurate, and the style must be conservative, which can help you improve the body proportion and shape the perfect curve, so that you can feel more confident and beautiful.