Spicy text and fun underwear taboo

Spicy text and fun underwear taboo


Interest underwear is an increasingly popular clothing in modern women’s daily life. It can make women emit a more sexy and confident temperament.However, the taboos related to sexy underwear are gradually surfaced. Therefore, we need to understand sexy underwear more rationally and correctly to avoid being caught in unhealthy meat.

Underwear selection

The choice of sexy underwear needs to be considered according to the body and temperament of women.For example, women with more petite figures can choose sexy mini underwear, and women with more burly figures can choose more wrapped underwear.When choosing underwear, it is recommended that women first consider their comfort and security, rather than blindly choosing underwear in order to meet the needs of the opposite sex.

Underwear size

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Choosing the right underwear size is the key to ensuring comfort and health.Women should be measured and selected on a professional underwear shop or brand website to avoid blind purchase.If the underwear size is inappropriate, it will not only affect the wear experience, but also cause damage to the chest.

Underwear material

The material of the underwear is very important because it directly comes into contact with women’s sensitive skin.High -quality underwear materials should be soft, breathable, allergic, durable, rather than using low -quality ingredients, resulting in skin problems such as allergies and itching.

Underwear color

The color selection of sexy underwear also needs to be selected according to its own temperament and occasion.For example, in daily life, pink, white and other colors can make women fresh and refined; while romantic dating or the entire finale performance, black, red and other colors are more flirtatious.However, under normal circumstances, do not choose too dazzling and too bright colors to avoid damaging the whole temperament.


The matching of sex underwear should fit the entire matching system to maintain the overall harmony and nature.For example, in dance performances that are exposed and shouted, they can be paired with exposed sexy underwear; and in the formal business activities or in the family environment, they should choose a more humble and low -key sexy underwear.In short, the matching of underwear needs to be determined according to the specific situation.

Underwear maintenance

To keep underwear comfortable and beautiful, you need to strengthen underwear maintenance.Underwear cleaning should use professional underwear washing agents, and do not use powerful laundry powder or ordinary soap.Pay attention to the drying of the underwear to avoid direct sunlight or high temperature drying for a long time, so as not to damage the fabric of the underwear or cause deformation.

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The significance of sexy underwear is far more than to create a sexy appearance image, but also helps women get more satisfaction in sex.However, while interesting, we also need to maintain a rational and healthy understanding to avoid being trapped into vulgar and vulgar culture.

Underwear culture

As a cultural phenomenon, sexy underwear also requires us to understand its cultural background.The emergence of sexy underwear culture is partly due to market demand, and part of the needs of women themselves.Interest underwear culture can also be used as a symbol of women’s power, reducing men’s humiliation and sexual assault on women’s bodies.

Final point of view

Interest underwear has become a popular cultural phenomenon in today’s society, which allows women to gain their own happiness and satisfaction.However, while choosing and matching sex underwear, we also need to reflect and evaluate ourselves according to our needs and status to avoid breaking the social conventional approach to others.In the end, the selection and matching of sexy underwear also needs to meet the overall living habits and values.