Son self -made sexy underwear

Son self -made sexy underwear

Son self -made sexy underwear

As a sexy clothing, sexy underwear has become more and more popular and sought after in China in recent years.If you are a man who likes handmade, it is also a particularly romantic thing to make a sexy underwear for yourself or lover.This article will introduce to you how to make sexy underwear at home.

1. Choose the right fabric

The main materials of sexy underwear are lace, silk, elastic fabrics, fish net cloth and leather.Choosing a fabric that suits you is very important. If it is a beginner, it is recommended to start with soft and easy -to -operate fabrics, such as elastic fabrics.

2. Design your own style

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There are many styles of sexy underwear. You can choose the right style according to your own personality, needs and figure.You can search or refer to the sexy underwear design of major brands, or you can also design it according to your own wishes.

3. Measurement size

You need to accurately measure your body size by making sexy underwear.First measure the bust, and then measure the waist and hips.Mark the measured data on the fabric for subsequent cutting.

4. Cutting fabrics

According to your own design and measurement results, cut out the required fabrics.It should be noted that the cut fabrics are slightly wider than the body’s length of the body for subsequent needle cables.

5. Sewing

When sutured fabrics, need to suture with needle wires, or sewing machines to suture.It should be noted that when suture, keep the lines beautiful as much as possible to avoid the line head and line tail exposed.

6. Add decoration

The sexy of the sexy underwear lies in its decoration, which can add various decorations during the production process, such as lace lace, beads, bow and camisole, etc., making sexy underwear more sexy, subtle and beautiful.

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7. Try to penetrate

Trying penetration is a very important step. You need to test whether the sexy underwear is suitable for your body and comfort.If you need to correct it, you can adjust it with a needle line.

8. Washing and maintenance

Make a good sexy underwear requires often washing and maintenance. It is best to wash it in hand to avoid being placed in the washing machine.

9. Share it with lovers or friends

After making a beautiful sexy underwear by yourself, you can make one for his lover or friends to express your love and mind.You can also share your works online to get more people’s communication and appreciation.

10. Conclusion

Self -making underwear can not only meet their own needs, but also reflect this love and mind.By choosing suitable materials, suitable styles and adding appropriate decorations, making a sexy underwear belonging to it is also a kind of enjoyment and happiness.