Small chest sex lingerie style

Small chest sex lingerie style

Small chest sex lingerie style

1. Tight -fitting top coat

In order to highlight your small breasts, choosing a specially designed tight -fitting top coat is a good choice.This underwear has a compression effect that makes the small chest closer, and it also improves the curve of the upper body line.This underwear is usually equipped with chest pads, which makes your chest look more plump.

2. Deep V -neck underwear

Deep V -neck underwear is designed for small breasts.This underwear has a very low V -neck design that can improve the curve and depth of the chest.In order to highlight your chest, remember to choose underwear wider than the chest curve and pay attention to ensuring the appropriate underwear.In addition, choosing a deep V -neck underwear to choose the front zipper is easier to wear.

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3. lace underwear

Lace is lighter and breathable than other fabrics, and can provide a more natural and comfortable feeling.Transparent lace can make the small breasts more plump.Choosing a lace underwear with milk stickers can make the chest feel full.

4. Ultra -thin underwear

Ultra -thin underwear is breathable, and the color is shallow at the same time.This underwear is very suitable for people who want to wear under transparent or translucent clothing.For small breasts, ultra -thin underwear can help shape a more natural curve, and at the same time, it can also show the advantages of the figure.

5. Vest -type underwear

Vest -type underwear is a very natural choice that is suitable for daily wear.This underwear is characterized by a large area, completely covering the chest and back, making you feel free and unrestrained. It can be used as a underwear for T -shirts or shirts.The vest underwear is available in fine shoulder straps and wide shoulder straps, and wide shoulder straps will make the upper body fuller.

6. flat chest underwear

If you need a underwear that is close to your body, you can try flat chest underwear.This underwear does not have a highlight or pad, which is basically a flat bra.This underwear can make the breasts without pressure, very comfortable, and very suitable for wearing low -cut -cut outfits.

7. Broken chest underwear

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Bid -chest underwear is a variant of "flat chest underwear".It has the same flat appearance, but it can wrap the chest tightly to play an effective compression effect.This underwear is usually used for people with flat chests and can achieve the flat effect they want.

8. tube top underwear

The tube top underwear is a very popular small breast underwear style.The tube top is no shoulder strap or band chest.This underwear design makes the chest more smooth and unlimited.The tube top underwear is an ideal choice to wear low -cut and off -shoulder outfits.

9. Low chest underwear

Low -cut underwear is a very open underwear style.Suitable for wearing chest or low -cut clothes.The low -cut underwear reduces the height of the neckline of the bra and highlights the curve of the chest.This underwear can also be paired with embroidery elements with transparent lace or grid, allowing you to have different underwear choices.

10. Triangle underwear

Triangle underwear is smaller than other underwear.One of the highlights of this underwear is that the bra cup is triangular, which can cover the small chest well.Triangular underwear usually has adjustable shoulder straps and back hook buckles, which can adjust the looseness of the bra according to your needs.

in conclusion:

When choosing underwear, pay special attention to the matching of the size. Only when the underwear and the size of the body match can the best effect.Women of small breasts can choose any of the above styles, so as to create personalized sexy underwear for themselves.