SM sex underwear picture Daquan

SM sex underwear picture Daquan

SM sex underwear picture Daquan

As a sexy underwear expert, we know that SM sex underwear is a very popular adult toy.They have many unique shapes and materials to enhance the experience and feeling of intercourse.In this article, we will introduce some popular SM sexy underwear types and provide some common pictures.

1. Dog and dog collar

The dog collar is a classic SM erotic underwear.They are usually made of leather or rubber, with metal rings to fix ropes or hooks.This kind of sexy underwear is usually used as part of an interactive game, as a sign from the servo to the owner or from the owner to the servor.

2. Leather tights

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Leather tights are often used in SM games, because it can provide a exciting touch, and at the same time lock and restraint the wearer.This kind of sexy underwear is usually clear, close and compact, usually with zipper or tightening bands to better adjust the size.

3. Sexy underwear set

Sexy underwear suits usually contain a variety of different props and accessories, such as handcuffs, ankles and eye masks, and so on.This kind of sexy underwear is suitable for those who want more control, negotiation and try different experiences.They are usually made of soft fabrics to make focus on the body curve, and use details to enhance love games and role -playing.

4. Small lactation clip

Small tadpole is a sexy underwear that clamps the nipples to provide extra stimuli.They usually have many different sizes and materials, such as metal or silicone, and some have ropes or chains to adjust the pressure and traction.This sexy underwear can achieve different effects by adjusting tightness and squeezing strength.

5. Leather gloves

Leather gloves can be used as part of SM sex underwear, usually used in servo role -playing games.These gloves are usually made of leather, and sometimes have metal buckles or chains to provide more control and physical feelings.Some gloves also have annexes such as embroidery, diamonds to make them more attractive.

6. Top SM sexy underwear

Top SM sexy underwear is a very expensive sexy underwear, which is often customized.This sexy underwear is usually made of the best materials, usually leather and silk, and has complex embroidery and flexible limb structure to provide more shapes and adjustment options.

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7. Iron cage head cover

The iron cage head cover is a very SM -style sexy underwear. They can completely surround the heads, making people feel completely lost.This erotic underwear is made of soft fabric and hard materials to provide a sense of comfort and tight bondage.

8. Py whip

The leather whip is a classic SM sexy underwear. They are used to provide pain and stimulation, and to control the display of behavior and emotion.The leather whip is usually made of soft leather material with a handle and a long whip tail.


There are many options and types of SM sex underwear. Each type has its own unique shape and material to enhance the experience and feeling of intercourse.Whether you are in the stage of primary or in -depth understanding of SM sex underwear, this article can help you understand this type of sexy underwear and understand the common style and usage of SM sex underwear.