SM sex lingerie kimono

SM sex lingerie kimono


As a novel and fashionable clothing, sexy underwear has gradually been loved by more and more women, especially SM sex underwear kimonos.So, what is SM sex underwear kimono?What are its characteristics?Today, let’s take a look at it together.

What is SM sex underwear kimono?

The names of SM sex underwear and kimono are the concept of kimono style with the elements of SM sex underwear, creating a more alternative, sexy, and gorgeous sexy underwear.Generally speaking, its design style is elegant, atmospheric, colorful, and creative, and can bring you a different interesting experience.

SM sex underwear and kimono style

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1. The front band type:

The upper part of this sex lingerie and kimono is a bundle -type design. The lower part is a similar kimono skirt. It can well shape your chest curve and waist curve. It is a very suitable sexy woman’s sexy underwearkimono.

2. Open type:

The design of this sexy lingerie is relatively unique. The skirt part is divided into two halves. It can well reflect your leg curve. It is a challenging sexy underwear and kimono.

3. Stockings:

The special point of this sexy underwear and kimonos is that the overall design of stockings is designed, and the elements of kimono are also integrated, which can well shape your figure curve and make you more beautiful.

SM sex lingerie accessories accessories

Accessories are also very important for sexy underwear and kimonos. Here are some common accessories for everyone.

1. Black stockings:

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Black stockings are one of the must -choose accessories for sexy lingerie kimonos, which can not only show your beautiful legs, but also make you more sexy and tempting.

2. High heels:

High -heeled shoes are indispensable accessories in women’s costumes. It is even more so for sexy underwear and clothing. It can increase your height and make you more temperament.

3. Crystal earrings:

Crystal earrings are a very fashionable earrings that are wearing with sexy lingerie kimonos, which can make you more gorgeous and noble.

SM sex underwear kimono color

1. Red:

Red is a common color in sexy lingerie and kimono, which can make you more sexy and gorgeous.

2. Black:

Black is a classic color, which is more suitable for high -level sexy temperament, and can also reflect a mysterious and tempting.

3. Purple:

Purple is a very elegant color that is more suitable for women with temperament and taste.

How to choose SM sex underwear and kimonos

1. Select the right size:

The size of SM sex underwear and kimonos is very important. If the size is not suitable, it will look uncomfortable, which will affect the body’s display effect.

2. Choose your favorite style:

SM sex underwear and kimonos have a lot of styles. You need to choose your favorite style to wear more confident and comfortable.

3. Suitable for your own color:

Color is one of the very important points of sexy underwear kimono. You need to choose a color that is suitable for your skin tone and like.

SM sex underwear and kimono maintenance

1. Hand washing is the main:

The washing of SM sex underwear and kimonos should be the main washing, which is more gentle and difficult to damage.

2. Turn over and dry:

After washing the sexy underwear kimono, you need to turn it over and dry, so that it will not damage the fabric, and it will not easily cause deformation.

3. Avoid high temperature drying:

High temperature drying is easy to damage the fabric of sexy underwear and kimonos, so it is best not to dry it with high temperature.

SM sex underwear kimono’s identification method

1. Brand:

Choosing a brand is more well -known, and at the same time, it is more guaranteed to have sex underwear kimonos, which can ensure that it has a certain quality guarantee.

2. Detail processing:

Starting from the details, observe whether each detail is very detailed. If the details are handled well, it is worth buying.

3. Fabric quality:

The quality and comfort of SM sex underwear kimono depends largely on the quality of the fabric. Therefore, you need to choose a better sexy underwear and kimono with better fabric quality.

SM sex underwear kimono wearing occasion

1. Interesting salon:

This is a professional occasion, which is very suitable for wearing SM sex underwear kimonos, but it is best not to be too exposed, too sexy.

2. Private party:

On private party, wearing SM sex underwear kimono can create more interesting experiences, and at the same time, it can also let you release your enthusiasm and sexy.

3. Romantic Night:

SM sex underwear kimono can create a romantic and colorful atmosphere, so wearing SM sex underwear and kimonos in romantic nights is more suitable.


SM sex underwear kimono is a very fashionable and alternative sexy underwear. It can bring you a distinctive experience, but you need to pay attention to matching and occasions to wear your own style and temperament.