SM sex lingerie Jingdong

SM sex lingerie Jingdong

1. What is SM sex underwear?

SM sex underwear, the full name is SM sexy lingerie, is a kind of irritating sexy products that are used for some special sexual activities, such as SM tuning and role -playing.SM sex underwear usually uses some special materials, design or manufacturing processes, so that they have a certain uniqueness in terms of vision, touch, and dressing.

Second, the classification of SM sex underwear

SM sex underwear can be divided into multiple categories according to its purpose and characteristics, such as:

Bonding system: such as hand, legs, neck, etc.

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Forbidden props such as mouthball, mouth plug, chastity belt

Skin whip, filming, rattan whip and other appliances for spanking

Calm, iron chain, bellyband, strap, etc.

Third, SM sexy underwear selection points

When choosing SM sex underwear, you should carefully match according to your sexual orientation, sex preferences, physical conditions and other factors.When choosing, you need to take the main points below:



Material quality

Aesthetic and design style


Is it easy to clean and maintain

Fourth, SM sexy underwear maintenance method

SM sex underwear should be kept dry and clean after use to avoid breeding bacteria.Generally speaking, there are different maintenance methods for sexy underwear of different materials. You can maintain it according to the following points:

Fiber material underwear: can be cleaned directly in water, or use soapy water or detergent.

Patent leather and leather underwear: Wipe clean, and then use leather to maintain oil.

Silk underwear: Do not wash it with water. You should choose a special cold washing agent for gently hand washing.

Plastic underwear: Do not wash with water, you can only wipe it clean with wet and wet cloth.

5. SM sex underwear brand recommendation

There are many brands of SM sex underwear on the market. According to the brand awareness, quality reputation, sales and other comprehensive factors, the following are some recommended brand names:

Lowya sm sexy underwear

Kakawi SM sexy underwear

Floating City SM sexy underwear

Crack of the whip sm sexy underwear

Xizhi Lang SM sexy underwear

6. Which merchants on sell for SM sex underwear?

As one of the largest e -commerce platforms in China, also has many merchants sell SM sex underwear, including more well -known and more credible merchants, such as:

Lowya Jingdong self -operated flagship store

Xizhiro flagship store

Crack of the WHIP Jingdong Flagship Store

Haisa Cat Cat Jingdong Selfic Store

Stanaweiben East Flagship Store

7. The price range of SM sex underwear

The price of SM in is different due to the brand, style, material, workmanship and other factors. However, in general, the price range is about 50 yuan to 1,000 yuan. Different prices also represent different quality and functions.When choosing, you must do your best, and choose a product that suits you according to your needs.

8. Matters that you need to pay attention to when buying SM sex underwear

Finally, in the process of buying SM sex underwear, you need to pay attention to the following:

Quality and safety are the first consideration factors

Avoid buying SM sex underwear in unknown shops or informal channels

Choose underwear suitable for your own needs and physical conditions

Pay attention to the acceptance of the surrounding people and the moral norms

Nine, the development trend of SM sex underwear

Sexual market is a vast market and a market that changes.With the advancement of the times and the opening of people’s ideas, the sex product market has been constantly promoted.In the future, in the field of SM sex underwear, there may be more innovation, such as intelligence, interconnection, customization, and so on.

10. Conclusion

SM sex underwear is an interesting, irritating sex product, and you need to choose carefully when using it.When choosing and purchasing, you must consider your actual needs and physical conditions, and choose a product that suits you.Of course, pay attention to safety and comfort when using.