SM sex lingerie iron chain connecting clothes

SM sex lingerie iron chain connecting clothes

SM sex lingerie iron chain connecting clothes

SM sex underwear is one of the hot topics in recent years, and the iron chain coat is one of the special and eye -catching designs, which is loved by many customers.The following will introduce the relevant knowledge of the SM sexy underwear chain.

Material and style

Iron chain connective clothing is a special sexy underwear, which consists of PU materials with hard texture and good flexibility and iron chain.The length and thickness of the iron chain are different. The common iron chain length ranges from 40-100 cm, and most of them are between 1-2 cm.In terms of style, the iron chain connective clothing is usually a closed conjoined jacket. The surface is decorated with a variety of iron chains. You can choose color and style, or you can choose whether to have special designs such as opening or princess first.

Suitable crowd

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SM sexy lingerie iron chain is suitable for customers who are pursuing stimulation and sexy toys.Especially suitable for couples who like SM games or want to try SM experience.Of course, as long as the customer feels that they are suitable for this special sexy underwear, they can choose to buy in both gender and age layers.


It requires some skills and experience to use iron chain connecting clothes.First of all, you need to put the whole conjoined clothes on your body, be careful not to stray too tightly or too relaxing.The use of iron chains can be freely matched according to personal needs, which can be wrapped in any part of the body. It can also connect the iron chain of the entire body clothes with the handcuffs or foot handcuffs of the hand and feet to achieve a richer experience and stimulus.Essence

Trial and maintenance

When trying to penetrate the iron chain, you need to pay attention to your own physical condition, especially those who are vulnerable to stimulation or allergies, you need to choose cautiously.After use, cleaning the coat should be cleaned. Do not pull too much or use a cleaner containing chemicals such as alcohol.It is best to use a special sexy underwear cleaning solution to dry it in water.In addition, avoid rubbing with other items when storing, do not place it directly in the sun.

Purchase Notes

Before buying the SM sexy lingerie chain, you need to understand your own needs and physical conditions, and choose the appropriate texture and length.At the same time, you also need to choose a reputable merchant to buy sexy underwear with guaranteed quality.And, do not choose sexy underwear with poor quality because it is too cheap, so as not to harm your health.

Special reminder: Pay attention to keeping clean and disinfection with iron chain connecting clothes. Do not share it with others.


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The SM sex lingerie chain is a very popular sexy underwear. Its special material and exquisite design make it love the love enthusiasts.However, before use, you must carefully consider your physical condition and needs, and choose sexy underwear with safe quality.I hope the content of this article can provide some useful references and help for enthusiasts.