Sixth Guangzhou Sexy Underwear Show

Sixth Guangzhou Sexy Underwear Show

Sixth Guangzhou Sexy Underwear Show


In recent years, sexy underwear has gradually come out of the dark box, becoming a fashion trend.As the largest underwear market in China, the Guangzhou sex underwear show has become a major event in the underwear industry.This year’s 6th Guangzhou sex underwear show will begin this month, and this underwear event will definitely set off a fashion trend again.

Venue introduction

The Guangzhou Inskirt Underwear Show will be held at the Pazhou Convention and Exhibition Center of Guangzhou this month.Here is a modern building with 400,000 square meters of exhibition space, which provides full space to display various styles of sexy underwear, attracting manufacturers, designers and exhibitors from different countries.

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Exhibition characteristics

This sex underwear show will mainly show the latest trends and design in 2018.Exhibitors will have the opportunity to observe and participate in the latest series of manufacturers and designers. In addition to traditional sexy and romantic sexy underwear, there are many new sex lingerie series.

Manufacturer’s exhibition

There will be nearly two hundred domestic and foreign manufacturers participating in this sex underwear show, with thousands of exhibits.Among them, local jersey underwear has become one of the highlights of this underwear show.In addition, there are exhibits from well -known brands from France, Japan and other countries.

Designer highlight

In addition to the finished underwear displayed by various manufacturers, there are the latest design display from top designers in the world.These designs are full of personalized and wonderful thoughts. They are not only a highlight of the fashion industry, but also a platform for underwear designers to show themselves and show their personality.

Model performance

As part of the indispensable part of the sexy lingerie show, model performances have always been an important element that attracts the audience.Among the current sex underwear shows, about a hundred models have participated in showing various underwear matching, catwalk attitude and performance style.They will present a performance with strong interaction, artistic and fashionable performance.

Introduction to the organizer

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The organizer of the sex underwear show is the Guangdong Lingerie Association and the Guangdong Commercial Federation.They have been committed to creating a high -end sexy underwear display platform and attracting the favor of domestic and foreign businesses and consumers.At the same time, it has also promoted the development of the sex underwear industry and promoted domestic culture and Hong Kong cultural exchanges.

Media report

The scale and influence of this sex underwear show attracted the attention and reports of many media.Both mainstream magazines and television stations at home and abroad sent reporters to interview and report.They recorded every wonderful moment of the sexy lingerie show, presenting a feast for the audience and readers.

Display purpose

While the Guangzhou sex lingerie show is constantly expanding its scale, it also provides a new channel for the exchange between the brand and designers, retailers and consumers, and further promotes the development of sex underwear companies in the market, as well as the prosperity of the underwear industry.EssenceAt the same time, it also showed the audience the different appearance and charm of sexy underwear.


Guangzhou sex lingerie show is one of the most important events in the sex lingerie industry. It is not only a platform for displaying the latest products and the latest design, but also an important exhibition to promote the development of the sex underwear industry and cultural exchanges.For modern people, love and sex become more and more important in life. The characteristics of sexy underwear have become an indispensable element of modern people to pursue taste of life and enhance life fun.Essence