Should husband and wife life buy sexy underwear

Should husband and wife life buy sexy underwear


Husband and wife’s sex life is a healthy expression and an important means to enhance the relationship between husband and wife.And sexy underwear is a way to strengthen sexual experience. As a husband and wife, should you choose to buy sexy underwear?This is a question worth thinking about.

Definition of sexy underwear

Interesting underwear refers to a sexy, seductive, distinctive and irritating than ordinary underwear.It is usually made of lace, leather, silk and other materials, which are sexy, hot, gorgeous and other characteristics.In addition, sexy underwear can also help couples improve sexual satisfaction and increase their fun and fun.

Positive effect

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Sex underwear can increase the fun between husband and wife, comprehensively stimulate the vision, touch, and hearing of both sides, making you more relaxed and innovative in the process of sex.In addition, in the process of using sexy underwear, you can also gradually increase the understanding and tacit understanding between husband and wife to better meet each other’s needs.

Negative effect

Some people think that the use of sexy underwear may destroy the relationship between husband and wife, because doing so may make the couple pay more attention to sexual satisfaction and ignore the cultivation of emotions.In addition, some erotic underwear materials may not be safe enough, which will cause adverse effects on the body.

How to choose sexy underwear

When buying sexy underwear, there are a few attention points to pay attention to.First, choose comfortable materials, such as cotton, silk, or non -toxic artificial fiber.Secondly, choose underwear suitable for your body, it is best to try it out before buying.Finally, you must choose the right sexy underwear based on your sexual habits and preferences.

Settlement of sexy underwear

The timing of sex underwear requires a joint negotiation between couples.On some special occasions, such as anniversary, important days, and restoring women’s figures, you can try to use sexy underwear.In addition, in the sex life of husband and wife, you can gradually introduce sexy underwear, but it should not be excessive, or use it when the relationship between the husband and wife is more sensitive.

How to correctly match sexy underwear

Although sexy underwear can improve sexual stimulation and satisfaction, it cannot be generalized.When mating with sexy underwear, consider your own body shape, skin color, and personality characteristics, and choose the appropriate underwear style and color.Sexy and coquettish underwear should also be coordinated with their identity and occasions.

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Some people think that erotic underwear is dangerous and immoral, but in fact, it can be a more intimate way between husbands and wives.Complete the relationship with the partner, with sexy lingerie can also increase your interaction and interesting.As long as you pay attention to the quality and sexual ratio, you can enjoy the fun.

in conclusion

In the life of husband and wife, there is no standard answer to whether to buy sexy underwear.However, we should look at sex underwear through unilateral prejudice.The correct use of sexy underwear can add a sense of freshness, creativity, surprise, harmony and satisfaction of husband and wife, and enhance the interaction and feelings of husband and wife.(There is no specific order or quantity requirements in the small title, content of this article)