She wore a sexy underwear and dry me

She wore a sexy underwear and dry me

She wore a sexy underwear and dry me

She is the sexiest woman I have ever seen.That night we prepared some drinks and snacks, lying on the bed and watching TV, chatting.I have been staring at the flickering sexy underwear and high heels on her body, and my heart is thinking about her figure.We started to flirt with each other, and I felt that she was very excited about me.Next I will share our story one night.

Black cat girl set

She is wearing a black cat girl suit with a light transparent lace decoration on it.I observed that she has a unique temperament and a feminine figure.I held her waist, and she looked at me with a smile, and her eyes were deeply affectionate.

Falling underwear material

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The material of sexy underwear is very important because it directly contacts our skin.In sexy underwear, there are two types of elastic fiber and transparent lace. The fiber is smooth and soft, and the transparent lace is more charming.The stimulation of these materials has been reduced a lot, which is more conducive to physical contact in the process of sex.

Sexy keep

When I started touching her body, her moan gradually became sensual.Interest underwear plays a good protective role.They can delay the stimulus in the process of sex, and at the same time give the two sides a better caressing experience.She is sexy, and I am good at keeping her in this state.

Black lace pants

Her lower body is a pair of black lace pants with beautiful embroidery and pearl decoration.I gently stroked her thighs and felt her joyful response.I approached her further, her hand held my lower body, and we intertwined each other.

How to express in the process of sex

There are no obstacles between us.When she is sitting on my thigh, I can feel her breathing speed changes, and I can hear the sound of her body.These voices do not need language expression, they convey emotion and desire.I became more and more excited.

Silver Cat Girl suit

In our bodies, she quietly replaced a silver cat girl suit, which made me particularly surprised.This set of lace is full of metal luster and has a sense of future.I was immediately attracted by this change, and my love deepened.

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After sex underwear

After sex, both of us feel the relaxation and balance of body and mind.The smooth and orderly sex process allows us to be satisfied with our hearts.Interest underwear played an important role in it.It is not only the body’s clothing, but also can play a role in flirting and bring more fun.


Sexy sexy underwear is an essential part of the sex experience.It can not only protect the skin and provide additional stimuli, but also bring more emotions and desires.Sexy underwear has long become a fashion and charm because of its sexy and charming.The meaningful one -night encounter is very important.