Shanghai sex lingerie show beauty

Shanghai sex lingerie show beauty

The first Shanghai sex lingerie show opened

In this city with a large number of young and fashionable people, the Shanghai Sex Underwear Exhibition has become one of the must -see annual events.Starting in 2019, the sex underwear exhibition will be held in Shanghai every year.The exhibition in 2021 brings together the latest products of the global sex lingerie brand, attracting many fashionable and keen consumers.

The beautiful female model at the exhibition

At the exhibition, the booths of each brand will arrange the latest styles of sexy underwear models.These beautiful female models are dressed in various styles of sexy underwear, some are pure and cute, some are sexy and charming, and some are tricky.They use their own posture to show the brand’s design, creativity and beauty.At the same time, these models are also a beautiful landscape at the exhibition, which attracts many people from the exhibition.

The fun underwear brand at the exhibition

Fishnet Cut Out Bodystocking Chemise – 7170

At this exhibition, many well -known erotic underwear brands showed their latest products.Such as the secrets of Victoria, the most sexy underwear brand in the United States, Aubade, the French luxury salon brand, Triumph, Germany’s functional underwear brand, and Jiarenfang from China.These brands are the best in the art, and the creativity and design of their products are very attractive.

Different creative erotic lingerie styles

At the exhibition, the sexy lingerie styles displayed by various brands also have their own characteristics.Some brands are eye -catching in bold and luxurious styles, and some brands tend to be light and fresh designs. There are also brand pursuit of Gothic creativity.No matter what style of sexy underwear, it shows the unique perspective and creativity of the brand.

Selection of sexy underwear fabrics

Fabric is an important part of sexy underwear, and it is also an area where the brand is constantly researching and innovating.At the exhibition, brands use various fabrics to show their creativity and design.Some brands use retro silk fabrics, some brands choose high -end lace and perspective grid cloth, and some brands use environmentally friendly materials to show environmental value and innovation.

Functional design of sexy underwear

In addition to showing creativity and aesthetics, the functional design of sexy underwear is a field that the brand values.At the exhibition, some brands demonstrated their new products, such as centralized, facial collection, adjustment, and supercharged.These designs are designed to provide women with a more perfect figure and more comfortable personal experience.

Future trend of sexy underwear industry

With the gradual integration of the concepts of fashion, gender equality, and health experience, the future sexy underwear will pay more and more attention to comfort and functional design rather than simple fancy designs.Brands will explore more new materials and more practical designs to meet the needs of modern women in erotic underwear.


Interesting underwear enhances women’s self -confidence and charm

Finally, it is worthy of commemorating that sexy underwear is a kind of equipment that makes women full of confidence and release charm.Although a sexy underwear is hidden for outsiders, it is essential for the person.Fashionable and beautiful design of sexy underwear allows women to be more beautiful and moving, and can also enhance self -confidence and shape more different female images.