Shake shop sexy underwear margin

Shake shop sexy underwear margin

What is the erotic underwear margin?

Interest underwear is a relatively special underwear that develops rapidly in the domestic market.In order to ensure the safety of transactions, the shake shop launched a measure of sexy underwear deposit.So, what exactly is the sexy underwear margin?

Why do I need sexy underwear margin?

In terms of sexy underwear compared to traditional underwear, it pays more attention to quality and privacy.By paying a deposit, the transaction safety of sellers and buyers can be guaranteed.At the same time, sellers can also prove their integrity to the shake store as a guaranteed seller.

How to pay a sex underwear deposit

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There are two ways to pay the sexy underwear deposit: one is online payment, then the shake store can be kept on behalf of the seller. When there are refund, rights protection and violations, you can directly deduct compensation from the security deposit; the other is the line.If you pay it down, the seller needs to apply for a security deposit on the business background of the Taobao platform.

Refunding method of sexy underwear margin

In the normal transaction, the seller can apply for withdrawal when the margin is lifted. The withdrawal method is the same as the online payment. The payment will be returned to the seller’s planting shake account. If there is no application for withdrawal within the normal periodContact customer service to explain the reason for the reason for the refund to be returned.

The amount of sexy underwear margin

The amount of sexy underwear margin varies due to the different commodity categories. The amount of margin of each category defaults to the maximum amount of margin per category must not exceed 5,000 yuan.The seller can apply according to his own sales situation, and the deposit can be added at any time.

Validity of sexy underwear margin

The validity period of sexy underwear margin is one year. The semi -annual expiration deposit will trigger the system prompt. After verification of the seller, it will automatically renew the fee to maintain the normal state of the margin account and avoid inconvenience caused by time limit.

Precautions for paying sexy underwear margin

Pay attention to the following points to pay the sexy underwear margin:

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The deposit cannot be transferred or withdrawn to a personal account;

The platform’s default product margin does not exceed 5,000 yuan, and the actual amount is subject to the application amount;

The balance of the platform margin account shall not exceed 10 times the amount of deposit;

When the balance of the deposit account is not maximized, the deposit can be added.

The advantage of paying sex underwear margin

Payment of sexy underwear margin can provide the seller with the following advantages:

Improve the integrity of the store and get the trust of the buyer;

Reduce the risk of refund and recovery, and improve the smoothness of the transaction process;

In protecting the interests and rights of sellers, and avoiding unfair treatment due to the malicious evaluation of the buyer.

in conclusion

Through the introduction of the sexy underwear margin, we can learn about the role of this margin, payment method, refund method, and precautions and advantages.Sellers can actively pay sexual underwear margins to improve the security, integrity of the store and the protection of the rights and interests of buyers and sellers.