Sexy underwear three -point real -life pictures

Sexy underwear three -point real -life pictures

What is a sexy underwear three -point?

The three -point style of sexy underwear is a sexy, irritating sexy underwear, which is composed of a thin band of upper bra, lower string and connecting.Because there are only three points in contact with the skin, it is called a three -point.

Live picture display

In order to better understand the three -point style and effect of sexy underwear, the following will show some pictures of some live models.

Note: The picture comes from the Internet.

Floral Lace Mesh Underwire Lingerie Set – 16392

Common style

There are many three -point style of sexy underwear, with common styles such as lace lace, mesh perspective, imitation leather, retro printing and other styles.Among them, lace lace is the most popular style, which is loved by women because of its softness and sexy sex.

Suitable crowd

The three -point style of sexy underwear is suitable for women who are confident, sexy, and courage to try novel things.Wearing three -point style can show your own curves and self -confidence, bringing more enjoyment to yourself and your partner.

Wearing skills

Wearing a three -point style of erotic underwear, you need to pay attention to the following details: First, choose the appropriate size to ensure the fit and comfort of the up and down G string, avoiding too tight or looseness to cause discomfort; the second is to choose suitable for your skin tone andThe style of temperament creates a more sexy "self"; the third is to match the appropriate clothes to avoid explication and break the overall beauty.

Tips for maintenance

For three -point maintenance of sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to the following points: First, to avoid machine washing and hand washing; the other is to use neutral detergents to avoid bleaching; third, do not expose it when drying.Essence

Application scenarios

Robes & Gowns

Three -point sexy underwear is suitable for special situations and occasions.For example, honeymoon travel, birthday surprise, Valentine’s Day, flirting dedication, etc., are all good sexy underwear three -point wearing occasions, which can improve the atmosphere and stimulate emotions.

Brand recommendation

Among the many sexy lingerie brands, the following three brands of sexy underwear three -point quality and comfort are good. It is recommended to everyone: AV actress, WACOAL, CK.

Price reference

Three -point price of sexy underwear is different from the brand and material, and the price is also different.Generally speaking, the price of three -point sex underwear of ordinary brands ranges from 50 to 100 yuan, but the three -point price of high -end brand’s sexy underwear may exceed 500 yuan.


The three -point style of sexy underwear is a sexy, exciting sexy lingerie style.You need to pay attention to the size of you to pay attention to the size of your own size. When choosing a style, choose the style that suits you, and do a good job of maintenance.In the appropriate situation and scene, the three -point style of sexy underwear can show the curve and confidence of women, improve the sense of atmosphere, and bring more happiness and enjoyment to themselves and partners.