Sexy underwear. The cylindrical skirt is super short

Sexy underwear. The cylindrical skirt is super short

Sexy underwear. The cylindrical skirt is super short

Interest underwear is a modern woman’s self -sexy presentation, and the ultra -short sexy underwear of the cylindrical skirt is even more popular.Below, let’s take a look at the ultra -short sex underwear of the cylindrical skirt.

What is a cylindrical skirt super short sex underwear?

The cylindrical skirt is super short -making underwear, which means that the length of the hem has been shortened compared to the conventional erotic underwear design, has a shorter visual effect, and a more fleshy display.

What are the types of cylindrical skirts super short and sexy underwear?

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There are many types of cylindrical skirts in short sexy underwear, for example:

1. The cylindrical skirt ultra -short suspension sexy underwear, simple and generous, comfortable and natural;

2. The cylindrical skirt is super short lace sexy underwear, beautiful and elegant, unique;

3. The cylindrical skirt super short net gauze sexy underwear, luxurious and fashionable, modern and avant -garde.

Various types and different materials meet the needs of different women’s choices.

What is the effect of a cylindrical skirt super short -term sex underwear?

The advantages of the ultra -short sexy underwear in the cylindrical skirt are that it can stretch the leg lines visually and make the body proportion more slender; shows more feminine sexy and better show the body curve of women.

However, there are certain disadvantages. If you cannot cover your hips, you cannot play a good role in modifying.But for women who like simple and personalized wearing, the cylindrical skirt is still a good choice.

Suggestions for the purchase of ultra -short sexy underwear in cylindrical skirt

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1. Choose the corresponding length of the cylindrical skirt according to your own body. The short -term sex underwear may appear too exposed to the short length.

2. Choose breathable, comfortable, and soft fabrics. The sexy underwear of knitted materials is more breathable and comfortable;

3. Select the style and color that suits you according to the characteristics of personal temperament, skin, hair color to fully show personality.

The matching of the cylindrical skirt super short sex underwear

The cylindrical skirt ultra -short sexy underwear should consider the overall style and matching clothing. It can be matched according to the following aspects:

1. If it is paired with a long jacket, you can choose a round -necked and stand -up jacket style to make the sexy underwear better integrate into the overall match;

2. If it is paired with a short jacket, it is recommended to choose the simple style of the top, try not to form a direct competition with the sexy underwear;

3. If it is matched with a short skirt, pay attention to the length of the skirt. Do not let the meat -colored cylinder skirt super short -term sex underwear is too conspicuous, causing embarrassment.

How to maintain a cylindrical skirt ultra -short -term sex underwear?

1. Select non -irritating cleaner for cleaning, do not use strong cleaning agents such as pollutants;

2. Mainly -hand washing, do not easily use the washing machine to prevent the underwear from being damaged;

3. Avoid direct exposure to the sun during drying, so as not to cause yellow or deformation.

The cylindrical skirt is super short and the lingerie shows your beauty

As a sexy representative, the cylindrical skirt is more and more loved by more and more women.And know how to choose and match, good maintenance methods can make the cylindrical skirt super short -hailing underwear to show beauty, making you more confident and sexy.