Sexy underwear suspenders stockings

Sexy underwear suspenders stockings

Sexy underwear suspenders stockings: types and functions

Interest underwear is an indispensable part of the sex game.One of the most popular categories is suspenders.It is designed to enhance women’s sexy charm and effect of sexual desire.Different types of suspenders and stockings provide different functions. Let’s take a look.


There are many types of suspenders and stockings. The following are some classic and popular types:

Ordinary suspension stockings, without any decoration

Lace Bra Bodycon Dress – 12928

Lace camiscous stockings, decorate with lace to increase sexy

Beads type suspenders stockings, decorate the skin with beads

Net eye camisco stockings, add sexy effects through small mesh decoration

Rest -binding camisco stockings, achieve the effect of restraint through the method of deduction, chronic, oppression, etc.

The open -toe suspenders, expose the tip of the toe to increase the sexyness


Stockings are designed to stimulate sexual interests and enhance their sensory experience for the body.The following is the function that can be provided by suspenders and stockings:

Enhance the charm

The suspender stockings show women’s leg skin, making it easier for others to be attracted.This style is more suitable for women with beautiful legs.The camisco stockings are equipped with sexy underwear, which can fully display the sexy charm of women.

Plus Chemise

Improve sexual experience

The material of the suspender stockings can make women’s thighs, legs, hips, and lower skin more sensitive.It also mentioned the visual stimulus of men and made women more handy in grasp the situation.

Make your body look better

The tight -fitting design of suspenders can easily improve the defect of the body.This style can highlight the curve of the thigh and make the legs look more slender.

How to choose and wear suspenders and stockings

If you want to taste the wonderful experience of strap stockings, choosing and dressing is a very important link.

Choose the right style and materials

Please choose the right style and materials according to your figure and preference.If you want to present a sense of high -level, you can choose beads.If you want to show the soft curve of the legs, you can choose a web -eye suspender stockings.

Pay attention to the choice of material

Choose suspenders and stockings suitable for your skin.The cotton camisco stockings are not only breathable, but also very soft; the silk material is lighter, making you feel like wearing clothes at all.

How to wear suspenders in stockings

Be careful when wearing suspenders.Please hung the strap first, and then put the tip into the foot.Stretch the suspender from the toes to ensure that the figure looks natural and comfortable.Fix the suspender on a sexy underwear with stockings to complete the equipment process.

in conclusion

Tips Stockings are sexy, elegant and practical sexy underwear.Although its choice and dress requires certain skills, it will inspire sexual fantasy, enhance interest and ignite the flames of passion when it is correctly used.