Sexy underwear sailor uniform beauty AV

Sexy underwear sailor uniform beauty AV


In recent years, sexy underwear has gradually become one of the essential products for young men and women’s wardrobes.Different from traditional underwear, sexy underwear adopts sexy and bold design styles to show women’s alternative, free and unrestrained side.Among them, the sailor uniform series is very popular in sexy underwear, especially in the Japanese AV field. It has become an independent genre.So why do you induce these beautiful sailor uniforms?

The origin of sailor uniform

Sailor uniform originally originated from the British Navy in the West. In the 19th century, it became the official costume of men’s seafarers. It was mainly composed of blue tops, white pants, scarves and sailors.At the beginning of the 20th century, with the improvement of women’s social status, women’s sailors’ uniforms also became popular, becoming one of the iconic costumes of women’s schools and women’s seafarers.In the Japanese sexy underwear industry, sailor uniforms have been added to the design of sexy underwear, which has become a very popular type.

Design of sailor uniform

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The common colors of sailor uniform are white and blue, which are bright and fresh.Common design elements include water activity elements such as ladder, waves, anchors, and ships. At the same time, it also has detailed design such as scarves, bows, and buttons on both sides of the top.For sexy and bold customers, manufacturers will also add elements such as ultra -mini skirts, bold back design, hollowed out to achieve more amazing results.

The use of sailor uniforms in AV

Sailor uniforms are a very unique role -playing costume in Japanese AV, which are often used to simulate roles such as students, female teachers, and seafarers.Its fresher and unique elements provide a strong development momentum for the development of the genre, while also very successful in attracting the attention of the audience.

The popularity of sailor uniforms

Sailor uniforms are very popular in the sexy underwear industry, which is due to its fresh and youthful image, and at the same time attracts the attention of more young women.Taking Japan as an example, in the spring school season in Japan, many female students will wear sailor uniforms as school uniforms and become classic scenes of school campuses.

Wearing and precautions for sailor uniforms

Sailor uniforms in sexy underwear are "cosplay sailor uniforms". It is recommended to pay attention to the size selection when wearing, so as not to be too tight or loose.In addition, when choosing a sailor uniform, pay attention to the choice of fabrics, with comfort and breathability as the first choice. Do not be too tulle, otherwise it will not be skinny enough when wearing, which will affect the aesthetics.

Maintenance of sailor uniform

Sailor uniforms should be washed in time after wearing, and should not be exposed to exposure.It is recommended to use a neutral detergent or use a dedicated cleaner to avoid using too strong cleaner, otherwise the fabric will cause damage.After wearing it, you need to pay attention to folding and placement in time to avoid excessive folding and leaving the fabric to leave a crease.


Sailor uniform wearing skills

When wearing sailor uniforms, pay attention to choosing the right underwear to avoid exposure.In addition, when some necklines are more open, it is necessary to match the corresponding necklaces or other accessories to ensure the overall sense of fashion.For shoes, you can match canvas shoes and sneakers according to the actual dress, which can maintain the overall sense of harmony and more comfortable.

How to choose the right sailor uniform

When choosing a sailor uniform, choose according to your body and size. You need to pay attention to the selection of products with good quality, comfortable fabric, and high work quality.In addition, when choosing a sailor uniform, you should choose according to the purpose of wearing. For daily wear, dancing, etc., you can choose a relatively simple and generous style. For more special occasions, you can choose luxurious and high -end styles.

Other sexy underwear with sailor uniforms

In addition to pure sailor uniforms, there are many sexy underwear manufacturers who have launched other product styles with sailor uniforms as the core elements, such as sailor dancers, sailors temptation, sailor maid.These styles are innovatively designed on the basis of sailor uniforms. They are personalized and more sexy, and they are also loved by young people.


Sailor uniforms are a very unique type of sexy underwear. It has fresh, youthful, sexy, and unique elements, which has been recognized and loved by the public.When choosing a sailor uniform, you need to pay attention to the problems of size, fabric, maintenance and other aspects, and choose the appropriate product style according to your needs.