Sexy underwear Passion Double Flying Novels

Sexy underwear Passion Double Flying Novels

Preparation of Passion Before Flying

Passionate flying needs to be fully prepared, first of all, atmosphere.Open the music with ambiguous elements and create a warm and romantic atmosphere.Secondly, clothing is also very critical. You need to wear sexy sexy underwear to make the other party full of imagination and inspire the enthusiasm of both parties.

Open the passion double flight mode

When the atmosphere reaches a certain degree of hotness, it needs a certain skill to guide the other party’s psychology, and slowly kiss TA’s earlobe, neck, chest and other parts.At the same time, you can stroke your hands in the skirt or underwear to touch the exposed part of the other party, so that the two sides will warmly heat up.

The charm of sexy underwear

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Interest underwear is a must -have for passion, showing its unique charm in the bedroom.Different erotic lingerie styles can be paired with different sexual postures to add enthusiastic atmosphere, such as lace conjoined socks, opening underwear, stockings, etc., so that the other party has a dual experience in visual and touch.

Reasonable selection of sexy lingerie materials

Different materials are suitable for different people. For example, sensitive skin people who have poor breathing after wearing for a long time should choose velvet sex underwear, and people with less sensitive skin should want to express their sexy.Material.

Choose suitable sexy underwear types

There are many types of sexy underwear. For women who like naked, they can choose transparent or translucent sexy dresses. The lower body can be used for split long skirts or opening underwear.

Women who like more low -key can choose sexy suspenders, black or red panties, with high heels, and can also achieve good sexy effects.

Add toy to improve passion

In the process of passing the passion, adding some small toys can make the passion of both parties higher, and at the same time increase the fun of sex.Such as fake penis, airplane cups, sexy eggs and other products, with the help of assistance, the two sides can experience a stronger pleasure.

Pay attention to safety measures


In the process of passion, security measures are essential.Safety measures such as condoms and disinfection products can effectively avoid disease transmission and improve the quality and fun of sex.

The feelings of each other must be balanced

In the process of passing the passion, the feelings of the two sides are very important. To listen to the other person’s voice, let the other party experience the pleasure, and at the same time meet their needs, maintain balance, so that both parties can achieve the ideal results.

After the end of the sexy underwear maintenance

After the passion is over, the maintenance of sexy underwear should not be ignored.Wash it in time, and store it in a dry place after drying to avoid mildew or moisture.

Conclusion: Passionate flying, starting from sexy underwear

Sex underwear is an important part of passionate flying, which can improve the pleasure and fun of both parties.When choosing sexy underwear, pay attention to the choice of materials and styles, and choose suitable products according to the body and skin condition of the other party.In the process of passion, we also need to pay attention to safety measures and the balance of each other, so that both parties can experience the ultimate pleasure.