Sexy underwear Okita Apricot

Sexy underwear Okita Apricot

Okita Apricot’s sexy underwear

Okita Apricot is one of the popular actresses in the Japanese AV industry. She not only has excellent performance skills in acting, but also a fashion avant -garde female representative.Okita Apricot likes to wear some distinctive sexy underwear. Today, let’s take a look together. Why is Okita Apricot’s sexy underwear very popular!

Sexy and in line with the design of most human body

No matter which woman is, they are pursuing a hearty and sexy charm.Okita Apricot’s sexy underwear is mainly black as the main color system. It is designed with perspective, lace and other elements, which can fully meet women’s needs for "sexy", but also meet the body shape of most people. It has both waist effects and will not.Compress to chest and hips.

Create a noble and elegant brand image

Sexy Lace Blindfold – 7681 – 7682 – 7686

Okita Apricot’s sexy underwear brand represents a noble and elegant fashion attitude, and it has achieved the ultimate from material to detail processing.Okita Apricot has been advocating women’s independent and magnificent lifestyles, and the image of the brand has always implemented this concept.

Sexy body underwear design of the waist circumference design

In the sexy underwear of Okitama Apricot, there is a sexy lattice in the waistline design that is particularly favored by women.This underwear is designed with waist and hips to make women’s waist lines more perfect. Whether it is in a special or special occasion, you can wear the underwear.At the same time, the material of such underwear is also very comfortable, and it will not make women feel cramped and discomfort at all.

Perspective design makes women more mysterious and seductive

The perfect display and mystery of women’s figure make people even more yearn for, and the perspective design is one of the classic elements in Okita Apricot’s fun underwear.The perspective design covers women’s cleverness and wisdom, and is enough to fully show their sexy and beauty. It is one of the most popular designs in Okita Apricot’s erotic underwear.

Lace element makes underwear fresher and charming

Lace element is also one of the noble design elements for Okita Apricot’s sexy underwear.Its addition makes the entire underwear fresher and charming, and it can also make the underwear more fit the curve of the female body, making women look more beautiful.

European and American style design elements

The design of Okita Apricot’s sexy underwear is not only influenced by Japan’s unique fashion elements, but also incorporates European and American fashion elements, making the image of the entire brand more international, and it is also very suitable for European and American women.

Thigh High

Adult exclusive sexy underwear

Different from other brands of sexy underwear, Okita Apricot’s sexy underwear is more independent and only launched for adults.This design concept also allows brands to have more room to play. Under the premise of without losing style and sexy, create sexy underwear that is more suitable for different ages.

The brand direction is more biased towards commercialization

With the gradual maturity of the brand, Okita Apricot’s sexy underwear has gradually moved to commercialization. It not only occupies the forefront of sales in Japan for a long time, but also has its own advantages in overseas markets.The brand has a certain understanding of the demand and fashion trend of various women, which is different in the market.


As a sexy underwear expert, we can see that Okitama’s sexy underwear has attracted the attention of many adult women and has a different sexy and fashionable.A good brand image and superb quality are the reasons for the long -term existence of the brand. While constantly improving, the brand is constantly embracing a broader market and more style.