Sexy underwear movie lens

Sexy underwear movie lens

1 Introduction

The appearance of sexy underwear in the movie makes the audience stop watching, not only because of its visual effects, but also because of its erotic effect.In the movie, sexy underwear is not only a clothing, but also an emotional expression and a stage actor’s identity display.This article will explore the meaning behind these movie lenses.

2. "Basic Instinct"

The famous sexy underwear lens in "Fatal Temptation" is a classic. The stage is Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone, which is locked in the room.Sexy underwear, this lens extends the sexy and tense atmosphere of the film.

3. "The Holy Grail"

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The "Dance of Armor" in the film "The Sacred Grail Artifact" is the most classic scene of the film.The big pot helmet is wearing sheepskin, a small corner, a red cloth strip tied to the neck, and wearing a metal sexy underwear that picks up the bellyband, adding fantasy and laughing elements to the movie.

4. "The Bare-Footed Kid)

In "Golden Branch", Lin Qingxia played a devil image. When the protagonist practiced, he asked students to put on red and sexy underwear. This shot showed her majesty and domineering, adding a strong humorous element to the movie.

5. "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon)

In "Walking in the Clouds", "Yin Tianzheng" played by Liang Chaowei confronts the "Yuer" played by Gong Li in the Bixia Temple, and Yuer’s red sexy underwear became a highlight.This shot not only shows the sexy and delicateness of Yuer, but also adds emotional conflict to the film.

6. "Lust, Lust, Caution)

The adult shot in "Color, Ring" is a pornographic classic.In a passionate drama, Liang Chaowei took off her sexy underwear for Tang Wei. This shot showed the tension between characters, adding a lot of enthusiasm and storyline to the film.

7. "AMOUR)

"Favorite" is a French movie, telling the love story between an old couple.In the movie, the heroine brings sexy underwear for the dead husband. Although this shot is not sexy, she shows the highest respect and cherishment of love.


8. "Wild Things)

"Barbarian Game" is a American movie with sex as the theme.Among them, the most notable scene is the shot of actress Niji Ryde wearing a sexy affair in the pool.This shot adds a strong sexy element to the movie.

9. "Blue Is the Warmest Color"

The passionate drama in the movie "Martini" is the most controversial fragment in the history of French film.Laya and Edel wore white sex underwear in a passionate drama, which showed the enthusiasm and emotional entanglement between characters.

10. "Goldfinger)

The movie "Deadly Gold" is the classic of the James Bond series of movies.After the heroine appeared wet, she lifted the bathrobe and exposed a silver sexy underwear. This lens greatly improved the visual sensory and sexy elements of the movie.


It can be seen that the sexy underwear lens in the movie is not a simple sexy element. It is more about expressing the relationship and tension between characters in a novel way.For the audience, the appearance of sexy underwear has also deepened the understanding and perception of the character.Therefore, the appropriate use of sexy underwear lens in the movie can not only improve the visual experience of the movie, but also increase the advancement of the storyline, and create richer connotation and value for the film.