Sexy underwear model is like Yang Mi from Yang Mi

Sexy underwear model is like Yang Mi from Yang Mi


Sexy underwear models are a very attractive job. For girls with good figures, becoming a sexy underwear model is an excellent opportunity to show her figure.And models like Yang Mi have a sexy figure, which has attracted much attention.In this article, we will explore some sexy underwear models with Yang Mi-Like, as well as the costumes they wear.

Sexy body

The sexy figure like Yang Mi is a must for sexy underwear models, which requires a perfect chest, waist and hip curve.Through good diet and exercise, you can shape such a figure.A suitable Bra can make your chest more beautiful.

Exotic Lingerie

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The sexy underwear of exotic mood is sought after in the fashion industry.Like some Southeast Asian or African -style sexy underwear, they usually evoke desire and enthusiasm.The combination of pajamas and underwear is one of the most popular styles. It brings sexy and beauty with its unique design and tailoring.

Cut-out lingerie

Bare is a main feature of sexy underwear.Cut-Out Lingerie has a lot of cracking on the shoulders, waist and chest, which can expose the skin. This luxurious underwear is more sexy.In Yang Mi’s sexy underwear model fashion show, the Cut-OUT LINGERIE style has been very popular.

Bodysuit lingerie

Another popular sexy lingerie style is Bodysuit Lingerie. This underwear can cover the entire body, revealing the body lines and curves of the body.Some bodysuit lingerie also with lace and transparent materials, which can increase interest and sexy.

Transparent Lingerie

Transparent erotic underwear is an indispensable part of sexy underwear.Cute, sexy transparent erotic underwear makes the body curve more tempting, increasing interest and sexy.Transparent sexy underwear also helps to increase your self -confidence and make you more natural, comfortable and free.

Satin lingerie

Silk underwear is a high -end and luxurious sexy underwear. It is usually made of soft silk. It has a smooth and soft feel and very comfortable.Coupled with transparent materials, this sexy underwear can be more charming and sexy, showing your own body.



Cage Lingerie is a delicate sexy underwear. It is designed like a cage, and some small modules are built around the exposed parts.This method adds interest, while revealing the beauty of lace and veil.


The soft curve of sexy underwear and the appropriate color will not only increase sexuality, but also increase the magic of color.White, pink, purple and red are one of the most common colors in sexy underwear. It can improve the overall sexuality and present a mysterious and charming temperament.

Attractive lace

Lace decorative sexy underwear has always been one of the most popular styles.This decoration can form wonderful flowers and various designs around the chest and hem. This style is usually the most expensive among Net-A-Porter brands.From Yang Mi’s sexy underwear fashion show, it can be seen that under the sexy underwear of lace decoration, it looks more moving.

in conclusion

The unique erotic lingerie style can make people present a different sexy expression.Like Yang Mi’s models, the body curve is perfect, and the sexy underwear wearing is also a perfect performance.Choose a suitable sexy underwear to shape a self -confidence and sexy self -image.I hope that this article can provide readers with more sexy underwear with knowledge, please choose the sexy underwear that suits you reasonably.