Sexy underwear, love small video

Sexy underwear, love small video

Interesting underwear to love small video: essential for improving sexual love

Interest underwear is an important part of modern culture. They have a variety of types and styles.They not only make you feel more beautiful, sexy and confident, but also add a fun to your interesting life.Now more and more people are willing to explore and stimulate their physical feelings and ideological feelings by using sexy underwear.In this article, we will introduce some sexy underwear to love small videos, and how to better use them in sex.

Step 1: Choose suitable sexy underwear types

Choosing the type of sexy underwear that suits you is very important.You can choose from the following types:

Sleep pants Interesting underwear

Mens Tassels Sexy G-String – 7194

Lace sexy underwear

Drink sexy underwear

Stockings sexy underwear

Frequent lingerie of the chest

Step 2: Determine the size and style

Choosing the right size and style is very important for ensuring the normal use of sexy underwear.If it is not appropriate, it will cause adverse effects on the body of the wearer.Pay attention to the following points when choosing:

Focus on size and body

Consider color and material

Choose a style that suits you

Bustiers & Corsets

Step 3: Use sexy underwear during the preheating period

Use sexy underwear in the preheating period of sex can improve the fun and sex of sex, so that both sides can better enjoy the process of sex.During this period, you can try the following sexy underwear:

Strong underwear

You can disassemble some sexy underwear

Underwear with special functions

Step 4: Use sexy underwear to increase changes

Using sexy underwear in sex can increase changes and enhance the fun of sex.You can try some common sexy underwear projects, such as two sexy underwear and sexy pajamas.When using sex underwear, you can change different ways of dressing, adding a surprise and excitement in the process of sex.

Step 5: Try new sexy underwear bravely

The types and styles of sexy underwear are constantly updated, with different applicable scenarios and special functions.In the process of sex, trying new sexy underwear can make both parties more excited.You can try the following new types of sexy underwear:

Use the sexy underwear of the vibrator

Adjust the size of sexy underwear

Change the sexy underwear

Step 6: Explore physical sexy areas

Interest underwear not only satisfies the visual aesthetics, but also stimulates other sexy areas of the body.When using sexy underwear, you can explore other sensations of the body, such as hearing, smell, and touch.You can use the following sexy lingerie items to try:

Interesting underwear with special materials

Increasing erotic underwear that increases odor and taste

Fundy underwear used with oral and headsets and headphones

Step 7: Pay attention to cleaning and maintaining sexy underwear

Interesting underwear should be maintained for a long time, you need to pay attention to cleaning and maintenance.You can follow the following principles:

Use a cleaner or neutral detergent for cleaning

Do not dry the sexy underwear at high temperature conditions

Store in a dry and breathable place

Step 8: Get more sexy underwear information through social media

Get information about sexy underwear through social media can help you better understand how to use love underwear and dressing skills.You can pay attention to some sexy underwear brands, or forums of sexy underwear to obtain more information.

in conclusion

The use of sexy underwear to increase sex and change is a way for modern people to improve the quality of sex.When using sexy underwear, pay attention to the choice of size and style, explore other sexy areas of the body, and the cleaning and maintenance of sexy underwear.It is also a good choice to obtain more sexy underwear information through social media.