Sexy underwear line picture ladies wear

Sexy underwear line picture ladies wear


Interesting underwear is a sex -oriented underwear. Unlike other underwear, it has more naked and more design elements to satisfy people’s desire for freedom and indulgence.And the line design shows its unique sexy charm.

Line aesthetics

All sex lingerie has a variety of lines of lines, from curves to straight lines, from simple to complex, which has their meaning.Line is also a beautiful artistic expression, which can bring people a unique aesthetic experience.

Triangular tailoring

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Triangular tailoring is a common sexy liquid line design. It uses triangle to meet the demand for nakedness, and it is not easy to cause embarrassment of the wearer.Common design elements of triangular underwear include ribbon decoration and lace bonding, which can make underwear more beautiful.


Lace border is one of the most common lines in sex underwear. It can make underwear softer and sweet, and better reflect the sexy charm of women.The lace border can also be combined with other materials to create richer line performance.

Curve design

The curve design is one of the common design elements in sexy underwear. It is dominated by the streamlined shape of the curve and shows the beauty of the human body through the slender curve.At the same time, the curve design can also increase the flexibility of the underwear, making people feel comfortable when wearing.

Black classic

The color of sexy underwear is also one of the important elements of its design.Black, as a classic color of sexy underwear, can make people more prominent sexy charm and increase the self -confidence and attractiveness of the wearer.

Lock design

Lock design is a special design method in sexy underwear. Through the decorative design of the lock, the exposure of the underwear is more flexible, and the wearer can adjust according to his own needs.You can also add other design elements, such as flash diamonds, to increase the beauty of the lines.

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Interest underwear is a very close -fitting underwear. The design must fully consider the characteristics of the wearer and better wrap and modify the body.Designs such as abdominal belly waist can make the figure more upright and fully show the beautiful posture of women.

Sexy elements incorporate

Unlike other underwear, sexy underwear needs to be fully integrated into the design.For example, the design of a hood and skirt -like design can make the underwear more controlling and sexy charm.

Selection of sex underwear

When choosing sexy underwear, you need to judge according to factors such as your own needs and body characteristics.At the same time, it is necessary to consider the brand and quality of the underwear to ensure the comfort and shelfness of the underwear.


The line design of sexy underwear needs to emphasize sex, but also pay attention to reflecting women’s softness and beauty.When selecting sexy underwear, you should choose according to your own needs and characteristics, maintain your own style, and show your best body and charm.