Sexy underwear Hanfu Large size girl

Sexy underwear Hanfu Large size girl

Sexy underwear Hanfu Large size girl


As a underwear that can enhance interest, sexy underwear has a wide range of applications in the market.With the continuous upgrading of people’s aesthetic concepts, design more complicated sexy underwear has become more and more popular.Among them, the strong Chinese -style underwear Hanfu girl with a strong Chinese style has attracted much attention and sought after.

Traditional Hanfu Charm

Sexy underwear Hanfu large -size women with traditional Hanfu as design inspiration, sophisticated the exquisite skills of the ancients in terms of clothing design.The use of loose tailoring and elegant fabrics can not only show the softness and grace of oriental women, but also show their elegant temperament.

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The gospel of a plump woman

Hanfu’s large size female is aimed at the sexy underwear design of the plump women to adapt to their figure characteristics.Compared with some traditional underwear for the design of this group, Hanfu large -size women fits the characteristics of these women’s bodies in terms of fabrics, tailoring and styles, showing their charming charm.

Classic dragon and phoenix pattern

Longfeng is a symbol of traditional Chinese culture. The classic dragon and phoenix pattern is used in Hanfu large size girls, making this sexy underwear more charm of Chinese elements.The processing of patterns is also very sophisticated. There is not too much tediousness, but it has a simple and generous beauty.


When designing Hanfu large -size women, the designers paid great attention to the processing of details.For example, at the edge of the clothing, neckline, cuffs and other places, it will be carefully handled to highlight the charm and characteristics of Hanfu.At the same time, the style and style are also considered very thorough to ensure that it is suitable for women of various body types.

Put the emphasis on comfort and beauty

Design techniques and details make Hanfu’s large -size female fashion temperament, but for underwear, comfort and wearing experience are equally important.Therefore, the designers use soft, breathable and skin -friendly fabrics, making this underwear feel comfortable and confident even for a long time.

Elegant sex experience

Oil Shine

As a sexy underwear, the Hanfu large size girl is designed to improve the sex experience of both husband and wife.The characteristics of its elegance, fashion, and atmosphere make it easier for wearers to break the monotonous and customized weekdays and create a brand new and interesting interesting experience.

Use of different occasions

Hanfu large size women are suitable for different occasions, which are both suitable for private occasions at home, but also suitable for social venues such as night markets or factions.Because of its unique design and details, wearers can also choose to dress, matching a variety of different styles.

Suitable for women of different ages

Hanfu large -size women are not only suitable for full women’s groups, but also women of all ages.If you want to show a mature and gentle temperament, Hanfu’s large -size girl is also a good choice.For young women, Hanfu’s large -size women can show their youthful vitality.


The sexy underwear Hanfu large size female, inspired by traditional Hanfu as the design, adopts a design for full women’s physical characteristics, has a strong Chinese charm and modern fashion elements.Wearers can show different styles on different occasions to enhance their interesting charm.