Sexy underwear fake breasts pictures Daquan picture

Sexy underwear fake breasts pictures Daquan picture

Sexy underwear fake breasts pictures Daquan picture

False underwear fake chest is a product that women use to increase the fullness of the chest and highlight sexy, including bra, milk stickers, filling, etc.Here are some pictures of sexy underwear fake chest pictures, so that you can better understand and choose the product that suits you.

1. chest pad

The chest pad is a pad that can be placed in the underwear. There are many materials to choose from, such as plant fiber, cotton, water gum, etc.It can make the chest lines smoother, increase the fullness of the chest, and can also correct the problem of asymmetry on the chest.

2. Milk Patch

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Milk paste is a fake chest product that is easy to stick to the chest.It is usually made of a soft material, such as silicone, foam, etc., which can simulate the real chest texture.Use milk stickers to make your chest look more uplifted and attractive.

3. Transparent chest sticker

Transparent chest stickers are also a product that is easy to stick to the chest, suitable for wearing tight clothes or camisole.It can modify the chest shape and make women’s chest more sexy.

4. Thickening correction chest pad

The effect of thickening correction chest pad is to make the less straight breasts that were not too tall and tight.It uses a thickened material, which can not only play a role of shaping and setting, but also provide a certain degree of support for the chest.

5. Body -shaped underwear

Compared with ordinary underwear, bodywear has a better effect of modifying the shape, and some body -shaping underwear can also add fake chest design. Through the body of the underwear and the blessing of the fake breasts, even if wearing loose clothesBeautiful chest lines.

6. Built -in chest cushion vest

Built -in chest pad vests are more noticeable than other types of fake chest products.This type of product shows the vest shape as a whole, and the internal cushion is a different place, which can make women’s chest look more clear and plump.


7. Correct fake chest products

Some women have asymmetric breasts due to their physiological reasons, age, or other reasons, or sagging on the chest. At this time, corrected fake chest products can help women get rid of these problems, make the chest evenly straight, more sexy and charming.

8. High -elastic pressure -assisted underwear

In addition to the effect of correction and modification of the chest, high elastic underwear pays more attention to the requirements for comfort and nature.The customized version of the high -elastic underwear design matches the female body structure to achieve natural connection between false chest and real chest.


It is critical to choose a sexy lingerie fake chest product that suits you. Whether it is from the perspective of personal aesthetic needs or health, we should pay more attention when buying the corresponding products.The most important thing is that we must do a good job of self -testing, and clearly need to modify and improve in order to go more secure and reasonable in overall matching and single product choices.