Sexy underwear Chinese style Hanfu

Sexy underwear Chinese style Hanfu

Background introduction

In recent years, the fun underwear industry has been constantly promoted, not only continuously innovating in style, but also improving materials and design.Among them, the sexy underwear Chinese style Hanfu is very popular and has become a major trend in the fashion trend.

Hanfu Origin

Hanfu originated in ancient China and has a long history and cultural heritage.Hanfu refers to the traditional clothing of Chinese Han nationality, also known as Chinese clothing and costume.It represents the essence of traditional Chinese culture, not only gorgeous appearance and colorful appearance, but also shows long -term culture and art.

Fun underwear Hanfu design characteristics

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Interesting underwear Chinese style Hanfu integrates the elements of traditional Hanfu, and uses high -quality satin fabrics. It is made of fine processing and focuses on details and texture.The design characteristics of the Hanfu Hanfu are its tailoring and lines, which fit the body curve more, highlighting the beautiful posture and graceful figure of women.

The popular reasons for Hanfu in sex underwear

The reason why sexy underwear Chinese style can become popular elements is that it is a unique cultural symbol, conveying the memory and cultural heritage of the times.Secondly, the design of Hanfu is based on the principles of Chinese aesthetics. It is beautiful and has a strong visual impact.In the end, the design of sexy underwear Hanfu not only highlights the beauty of women, protects privacy, is also comfortable, natural, highly convenient, and has strong practicality.

The use of sexy underwear Hanfu in life

Interesting underwear Chinese style Hanfu is one of the most widely used clothing in life and social occasions.It can not only enjoy life at home, but also use appropriate jewelry and high heels to impress people in parties, weddings and other occasions.

Fun underwear Hanfu style classification

There are many styles of sexy underwear Chinese style, including retro models, court funds, ethnic models, etc.Each type of Hanfu has its own unique design characteristics and details to meet the pursuit of different women for beauty.

Selection of sexy underwear Hanfu

The color selection of the color of Chinese style and Hanfu in sex, mainly color such as red, gold, black and blue.Among them, red is the most common, because in traditional Chinese culture, red is a symbol of auspiciousness and redness, representing happiness and auspiciousness.


Sexy underwear Hanfu’s wearing skills

When the Chinese style of sex underwear is wearing, you need to pay attention to some details.The first is to wear the order, first wear straps, shirts, short clothes, long clothes, and coats; secondly, the treatment of folds and folds, it should not be folded and stacked, and it needs to be neat and symmetrical.Settings such as twist braids, hair, and silk scarves are also one of the essential elements wearing Hanfu.

Fun underwear Hanfu maintenance method

Interesting underwear Chinese style Hanfu needs to avoid high temperature, humidity, direct sunlight and machine washing during maintenance, it is best to dry or hand -wash.In addition, it needs to be placed flat when storage, and avoiding it for a long time will cause clothing to deform.At the same time, it is necessary to dry and disinfect regularly to maintain the beauty and glory of Hanfu.


Interesting underwear Chinese style Hanfu is one of the important language symbols in Chinese culture and a unique representative of Chinese culture.We should use Hanfu to protect and inherit excellent traditional culture. It is not only far -reaching, but also a must -have for women to show charm and beauty.