Sexy lingerie drawing tutorial video

Sexy lingerie drawing tutorial video


Sexy sexy underwear has always been one of the important elements for fashion women.However, spending huge funds to buy a good underwear may not be suitable for everyone’s budget.At this point, some DIY players will try to make their own style of sexy underwear.In this article, we will show you some simple sexy lingerie tutorials.


Before reading the tutorial below, please confirm that you have the following most basic knowledge and skills:

Master the commonly used detail painting tips

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Know how to use a color that presents soft effects

Familiar with the style and design of what kind of sexy underwear wants to make

Step 1: Create outlines and lines

First, you need to use your own tools and pigments to create the basic contour and lines of sexy underwear.In order to ensure the firmness of the lines and strengthen the overall effect, it is recommended to use a brush of different thickness or adjusting the thickness of the brush.

Step 2: Coloring

When you complete the basic lines of the underwear, you can consider starting to color the underwear.It is recommended to use lighter colors to color first to facilitate adjustment.Colors should be bright, beautiful, personalized and attractive.When coating, using a smaller brush can easily control the details, making the underwear more delicate.

Step 3: Add shadow

Add shadows is a key step to make underwear more three -dimensional and real.You can use dark colors to add shadows and light and shadow to make underwear have three -dimensional and dynamic.

Step 4: Add details

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After completing the grayscale and basic color, you can start adding details.For example, rose red lace, small jewelry and beautiful bow are small details that make underwear more attractive.

Step 5: Apply texture and pattern

You can add patterns or patterns to make underwear more personalized.For example, add some details of the mesh style, or some hand -painted lace patterns.

Step 6: Add background and accessories

You can deal with the ordinary parts in underwear by adding some background and accessories.For example, some red heart -shaped patterns, pink foam, or several roses.You can try different accessories and backgrounds to make underwear more characteristic.

Step 7: Improve the details

After adding the background and accessories, the details of the underwear can be further improved.During this period, you can repair the details to deepen the shadow or apply a small amount of colors in some special areas.

Step 8: Completed

After the completion, it is time to check the final result and correct it.Use the attack file option to find any details errors and repair.You can save the file and start showing your new work.

in conclusion

It is not difficult to make a sexy underwear you want.Fine painting skills, full patience and appropriate imagination are the key to success.In addition, the production process may be very fulfilling and interesting.Enjoy your creativity in production so that you can show you your proud works online.