Sexual Emotional Lingerie Teacher

Sexual Emotional Lingerie Teacher


As a beautiful existence, sexy underwear can bring confidence and sexy to women.Although the matter of choosing a sexy underwear looks simple, the details are very important.In this article, we will discuss the type and choice method of sexual erotic lingerie, and provide you with prompts about how to buy and care for sexy underwear.

Different types of sexuality fun underwear

There are many different styles and designs in sexy underwear, so it is necessary to understand your choice.Here are some common sexy underwear types:

1. lace underwear

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Lace underwear usually uses soft materials to enhance the touch and comfort.Their design usually includes lace and transparent materials, making you look more sexy.

2. Silk underwear

Silk underwear is very smooth, comfortable, and looks very high -end.Silk underwear usually makes you feel very textured, so it is very suitable for special occasions.

3. Body underwear

The body -shaping underwear aims to change your body shape, usually contains compressed fabrics, so as to tighten your abdomen and side.If you want to change your body, this underwear may be a good choice.

4. In surprisingly winning clothes

The surprisingly unique design has a unique design and has a very fashionable appearance, usually includes tulle, sequins and other special materials.If you want to create amazing results, this underwear is very suitable for you.

5. Wireless bra

Wireless bras are made of soft, frameless materials so that you will not feel stress and pain.If you don’t like the discomfort caused by traditional bras, wireless bras are your best choice.


How to choose sexy underwear

Whether you are buying lace underwear, silk underwear, body -shaping underwear or other sexy underwear, the following tips will help you buy the right underwear.

1. Material

Make sure your underwear is made of comfortable and soft materials.In addition, you should check whether these materials are suitable for you and your skin is easy to be allergic.

2. size

Make sure the size of the underwear you choose is correct.If the underwear is too large or too small, it will cause discomfort and skin allergies.

3. Design

Different erotic underwear will have different designs and styles.Choose the right design and color to show your personality and style to the greatest extent.

How to take care of the relationship and fun underwear

Sex underwear requires us to maintain and care more carefully. The following prompts will help you extend the life of your sexy underwear:

1. Hand washing

Most sexy underwear needs to be washed by hand.It is strongly recommended not to put the sex underwear in the washing machine to clean it to avoid damage and wear.

2. Cold water

Use cold water to protect your sexy underwear and avoid shrinking and fading.

3. Washing agent

Wash your sexy underwear as much as possible.This detergent is mild and has no chemical odor, so it can better protect your underwear.


Sexual feelings are the embodiment of women’s self -confidence and sexy, so choosing and nursing erotic underwear is very worthy of careful consideration.Starting from the material, size and design, choose the most suitable underwear for you, and then clean and care in the correct way to ensure the quality and life of the underwear.