Sexual Emotion Underwear Conference

Sexual Emotion Underwear Conference


With the development of society and the gradual popularization of sexual culture, sexy underwear has gradually become a boom in the fashion industry.In order to meet the needs of consumers, many brands have launched a series of sexy underwear series.Recently, a sexual erotic lingerie conference was held in our city. This conference attracted the attention of all sexual erotic underwear lovers.

The theme of the release conference

The theme of this conference is "sexy and self -confidence", which aims to let more women express themselves and show self -confidence through sexy underwear.

Models and Clothings

Lace Maid Costume Set – Y171

The sexy underwear set displayed at the press conference is very sexy, with a wide range of styles, and each set has unique design features.The models dressed in different styles of sexy underwear, showing different styles and characteristics.

Material and Comfort Level

In terms of texture, polyester, lace, and silk are the most commonly used fabrics at the press conference.All sexy underwear suits ensure that they are comfortable and sexy.

Color and style

The sexy underwear suits displayed at this conference not only have diverse styles, but also rich in color.From dark to light -colored, each set can meet the needs of different people.

Accessories and Design

Each erotic underwear suit is composed of multiple components, such as pantyhose, fake plackets and gloves.These small accessories can make underwear more sexy and personalized. At the same time, they pay more attention to the detail design on the basis of ensuring wearing comfort.

The target consuler group

This conference is aimed at young women. These women have a strong novelty and curiosity. They hope to show themselves through erotic underwear, pursue happiness, and express love.


Insight into sexual culture

With the continuous development of society, sex culture has gradually been popularized.Many women have begun to try different sexy underwear and sex toys to achieve self -expression and meet personal needs.

Marketing Strategy

The marketing strategy of this conference is very clear. The target audience in the field of sexy underwear, with novel design, high -quality materials and high -quality services, it has won the love of consumers.

Event Success and Influence

The theme of this press conference is novel, fashionable, and the sexy underwear suits displayed are also cheap.As a result, the conference has achieved great success, attracting a lot of consumers and media attention.


Sexual feelings have become a fashion trend and have been favored by more and more people.The conference promoted the popularization and development of sexual culture, allowing more people to cherish life, pursue happiness, and express love.