Sex underwear Store Trial

Sex underwear Store Trial

1. Store service service

Before entering the sex underwear store trial, the first thing was to receive your clerk.You need a enthusiastic and professional clerk to help you choose the right sexy underwear.If the clerk’s service attitude is not good, you may feel uncomfortable, and the effect of trying penetration will also be discounted.

2. Underwear style

Everyone’s aesthetic taste is different, and the sexy lingerie styles in the store are also diverse.Some people like simple styles, while others prefer gorgeous styles.In addition, there are different models of sexy underwear suitable for people of different shapes.

3. Size selection

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You need to try on multiple sizes in the sexy underwear store to choose the one that suits you best.When trying on, pay attention to the length of the loose band of the underwear and the looseness of the cuffs and pants feet.When trying penetration, we should wear only underwear and no clothes.

4. Material quality

The material of sexy underwear is very important.Low -quality materials can cause allergies, skin irritation and discomfort.If you are not sure if the material is suitable for your skin, you should find the clerk to consult and try to penetrate the sexy underwear of different materials.

5. Dress style

Some sexy underwear stores sell dress styles.These styles are usually gorgeous and dramatic than formal sexy underwear.If you are buying sexy underwear for special occasions, the dress style may be more suitable for you.However, these styles are usually more expensive than ordinary styles and need to reserve budgets.

6. Security issues

Sex underwear is rare in daily wear, so many people are concerned about the safety and reliability of wearing sexy underwear.When choosing a sexy underwear, the objective evaluation of product safety performance should be paid to the safety performance of the product.At the same time, when wearing sexy underwear, pay attention to keeping warm, not transparent, thin clothes.

7. Payment method

When trying on a sexy underwear store, you need to pay to buy your favorite style.The payment method is also a problem that needs to be considered, and the payment method provided by different stores may be different.Some shops provide POS card payment, while others provide a variety of payment methods such as Alipay and WeChat payment.

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8. Theme store

There are many sexy underwear theme stores now. There will be special display areas in the store to display different styles of sexy underwear, so that you can easily find your favorite style.In addition, the theme store will also provide a more private test room in order to improve the shopping experience of customers.

9. Forbidden to bring things into the trial area

In order to ensure the privacy and security of customers, many erotic lingerie stores are prohibited from carrying smart devices to enter the trial area.If you need to take pictures in the equipment room or you need to view your mobile phone, please communicate with the clerk.

10. Summary view

In the process of trying through the sex underwear store, factors such as the service of the clerk, the style of the underwear, the size selection and the quality of the material, and their own safety and privacy issues.It is best to choose a professional and credible sexy underwear shop, and pay attention to maintaining good shopping etiquette.

Trying sexy underwear is a very private experience. It is recommended that customers choose suitable underwear according to their needs when choosing, emphasize personalized matching styles, and also need to pay attention to safety issues.Moderate shopping is a small but beautiful experience in a good life. I hope that everyone can be fully rational and self -confident when choosing suitable sexy underwear.