Sex underwear Gathering Temptation

Sex underwear Gathering Temptation

The key to sex underwear gathering

When it comes to sexy underwear, gathering is an important feature. It can make women’s chest fuller and more tempting.So how does gathering?


The bra is one of the key designs to achieve gathering.A good gathered bra should use elastic materials, add thin and tough sponge between cups and lining to make the chest fuller.

The importance of the strap

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The design of the strap also has a great impact on the gathering effect.First of all, the strap should be fixed in the correct position, not too loose or too tight.Secondly, the width of the strap is also very important. The loose strap can cause the bra to sag, affecting the gathering effect.

Treatment of the front center

The front center is one of the key designs of the bra. It is part of the two cups, and is responsible for clinging to the two cups tightly together.A good front center design makes the chest fuller.

Style choice

In addition to design factors, styles also affect the gathering effect.For example, the triangular cup and the bras are more obvious compared with the branches.

Role of endoslation

The material and thickness of the lining are also an important factor in the gathering effect.Too hard inner lining can cause discomfort, while the inner lining is too soft and thin, it does not absorb enough and cannot achieve the gathering effect.

Elasticity importance

Elasticity is one of the key factors of sexy underwear.Generally speaking, the better the elasticity, the better the gathering effect.


Advantages to adjust underwear

Make -up underwear has great advantages in terms of gathering effects.It has a dedicated loose adjustment device, which can change the degree of pressure as needed and further enhance the effect of gathering.

The importance of matching clothing

The matching of sexy underwear and clothing is also the key to gathering effects.Wearing a tight or slim top can highlight the gathering effect of underwear.

Replace underwear regularly

As a special underwear, sexy underwear requires users to pay more attention to cleaning and replacement.Emotional replacement of underwear may lead to the weakening of elasticity and gathering effect.

in conclusion

Gathering the chest is the pursuit and needs of many women.Interest underwear is the best choice for achieving this goal, but you need to pay attention to choosing the right style and size and maintaining a good glow.Only in this way can the ideal results be achieved.