Sex underwear from Tmall or

Sex underwear from Tmall or


With the development of the Internet, consumers can easily obtain the products they need on the e -commerce platform.Many people are reluctant to go to physical stores for private products such as sexy underwear and choose to buy on the e -commerce platform.Among the two e -commerce giants, Tmall and, which one is more suitable for buying sexy underwear?This article will compare it from the aspects of commodity quality, price, service, etc. to provide you with a reference.

Product quality

On Tmall, there are high -end brands such as Agen Provocateur, La Perla, etc., and their product quality is among the best in the same type of sexy underwear brands.And has relatively few sex underwear brands, most brands are mainly low -end, and the quality of goods has also decreased accordingly.


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In terms of price, the price of sexy underwear on Tmall is relatively high.This is because most of the sexy underwear brands pay attention to quality and design, and their attention to details is much higher than some low -end brands.However, the price of sexy underwear on is relatively close to the people, and the popular brand also has its own advantages.

Types of goods

There are relatively many types of sexy underwear on Tmall, and the quality is relatively stable. Some brands focus on high -end markets.And has fewer selection of sexy underwear brands. Most brands are ordinary and low -grade sexy underwear brands, with relatively few styles and types.


Tmall’s service experience is relatively good and can provide higher -quality shopping experience, including logistics, customer service, after -sales, has also increased the investment in service experience in recent years and continuously improved its after -sales service.

User evaluation

From the perspective of user evaluation, the sexual underwear user evaluation on Tmall is relatively high. It can be seen that the user’s reputation of high -end brands is very good.Due to the many low -end brands in, users have a greater ups and downs.


The interesting lingerie on Tmall is relatively small, and sometimes does some preferential activities to make the price of sexy underwear more competitive.

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Both Tmall and have their own advantages.Tmall pays more attention to the brand, stable quality, and good user experience; has rich sexy underwear, more affordable prices, and excellent after -sales service.

Extra points: Other purchasing platforms

In addition to Tmall and JD, consumers can also choose to buy sexy underwear on other platforms.For example, Taobao, Pinduoduo, Vipshop, etc., their advantages are different, suitable for different consumer needs.Consumers can compare multiple parties and choose the purchase platform that meets their own needs most.

personal suggestion

In view of the advantages and disadvantages of Tmall and, as an expert in the sex underwear industry, my personal suggestion is that consumers can comprehensively consider factors such as product quality, price, type, service, user evaluation and promotional discounts.For consumers who are high -end brand sexy underwear, you can choose to buy on Tmall; for consumers who are pursuing affordable, you can choose to buy on; for consumers similar to the above types, for high -quality, cost -effective or diverseConsumers with relatively unique types of sexy underwear can choose other purchasing platforms.