Sex underwear can be used for washing machines

Sex underwear can be used for washing machines

Sexy underwear is an indispensable part of our lives. Every woman should pay attention to the purchase and maintenance of sexy underwear.Many people think that sexy underwear cannot be washed with washing machines. In fact, this is a misunderstanding.This article will introduce you in detail the method of washing machine cleaning in sexy underwear to make your underwear cleaner and convenient.

1. The classification of sexy underwear

Different types of erotic underwear are made of different materials and requires different cleaning methods.Common sexy underwear has three materials: cotton, silk, and synthetic fibers.The erotic underwear of cotton and silk can be cleaned by machine, while synthetic fiber needs to be washed by hand.

2. Tags of sexy underwear

Before cleaning, first check the washing instructions on the sexy underwear label.The tags will specify the conditions and methods of washing machine cleaning in detail on the label, such as temperature, speed, detergent, etc.Observing these instructions can effectively avoid damage or deformation during washing the process of erotic underwear.

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3. Selection of detergent

It is also important to choose detergent for the cleaning of sexy underwear.Some detergents containing fluorescent agents and bleaching agents will cause damage to the material of sexy underwear, causing it to deform, refund or shrink.Therefore, some detergents are selected specifically for sexy underwear to avoid these problems.

4. Preparation before washing

Before being washing in sex underwear, all hooks, zippers and other accessories need to be removed.This can not only protect sexy underwear, but also prevent all kinds of accessories from being entangled with each other during washing and damaging sexy underwear.

5. Selection of washing machine

It is also important to choose the right washing machine for the machine washing of sexy underwear.If your washing machine has "soft" or "meticulous" modes, it is recommended to use these modes to wash sexy underwear.These modes can slow down the rotation speed of the washing machine and maintain the shape and texture of sexy underwear.

6. Selection of temperature and water quality

In the cleanliness of sexy underwear, temperature and water quality are also very important.The best temperature range of most sexy underwear is 30 ~ 40 ° C, and the hardness of the water quality should be below 150 ppm.At the same time, paying attention to the purification of water quality can also make the sexy underwear cleaner.

7. Dry air

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After the sexy lingerie is cleaned, try not to use a high -temperature dryer.Excessive temperature will cause damage to the material of sex underwear.Choose natural air drying more safer and healthy.At the same time, avoid direct sun exposure, so as not to fade or deform sexy underwear.

8. Turn and fold

After the sexy lingerie is cleaned, it is necessary to organize and fold in time to maintain the shape and texture of the sexy underwear.You can hang the sexy underwear on the hanger, or stack it in the drawer.Avoid too tight or loose folding, and avoid squeezing with other clothes to avoid damage.

In daily life, sexy underwear is an indispensable part of women.By using appropriate washing methods, you can make sexy underwear more clean and hygienic, and also protect the quality and shape of sexy underwear.Although some erotic underwear is not suitable for cleaning the washing machine, this does not mean that all erotic underwear cannot use washing machines.Through the method described in this article, you can clean up the sexy underwear more conveniently.