Sending underwear orgasm

Sending underwear orgasm

Interest underwear is a necessary fashion item for modern women. While satisfying practicality, sexy underwear has found a balance between beauty and sexy.In the process of using sex underwear, letting climax is one of the most expected effects of women.This article will introduce several sexy underwear that can make orgasm and help women find their own underwear benefits.

1. Failure -type sexy underwear

The front buckle sexy underwear is a traditional design. Its unique front buckle design makes it easier for women to quickly unlock underwear in sex, making the use of sexy underwear more convenient, and use more time to enjoy happiness.Essence

2. Open crotch sex shell

Open crotch erotic underwear is a very creative design. The crotch adopts an open structure to perfectly expose women’s sensitive areas. Through the innovative design of erotic underwear, sexual life is pushed to another climax.

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3. lace sexy underwear

Lace erotic underwear is looking for the best balance between classics and sexy. Its lace decoration makes women more charming and can cause men’s desire.The use of lace sexy underwear in the bedroom can make women dazzling in sexual life.

4. Polk

The wave dot sex underwear is full of childlikeness and playfulness. Its lovely shape design can stimulate the girl’s heart of girls and play sex into a game.

5. Perspective sexy underwear

Performing erotic underwear has brought the temptation of women to the extreme. It blends the elements of perspective, which perfectly shows the sexy sexy of women, so that men can feel different stunning every time.


The design of the bellyband -style sexy underwear is very creative. Its unique design exposes all women’s breasts. Compared with the traditional underwear, it is more sexy, allowing women to easily reach orgasm.

7. Leather erotic underwear


Leather sex underwear is a kind of sexy underwear with strong sense of sensory stimulation. Its tough texture and glossy surface can more cause men’s desire and sexuality, allowing the two sides to vent in sexual life.

8. Fake two -piece sexy underwear

Fake two -piece sexy underwear is a design that combines coats and underwear. Its high -level texture and touching sexy charm make women every time a male loved lover.

9. Ultra -thin sexy container

Ultra -thin sex underwear can perfectly fit women’s skin, allowing women to easily reach orgasm in sexual life. The material design with excellent breathability can relieve the heat for you in the hot summer.

10. Crystal sexy underwear

Crystal elements in crystal sex underwear create a sense of mystery, and women can use this mysterious sense to reach double orgasm in sexual life.


Interest underwear is not only a sexual tool, but also the emotional sublimation between women and men, showing each other’s fashion aesthetic art to each other.A variety of erotic underwear allows everyone to find their favorite one, a closer climax.