Send a sexy underwear to the company

Send a sexy underwear to the company

Send a sexy underwear to the company

With the opening up of modern society, sexy underwear has become an expression of women’s identity and personality.However, many women are inconvenient to buy from physical stores, so they choose to buy online, and some have to send sexy underwear to the company.This is a convenient for many women, but it may also bring some embarrassment and discomfort.This article will analyze the problem of sexual underwear to the company from several aspects.

1. Why choose to send it to the company?

To solve the problem of inconvenient for women’s choice of sexy underwear, the Internet has become a good choice.Choosing underwear at home does not need to face the clerk, nor is it influenced by the environment and atmosphere in the store; you can also choose more and more styles and sizes on online shopping.However, due to the limited idle time at home, many women choose to send sexy underwear to the company.This can avoid the embarrassment of the courier push door, and it can receive confidentiality in the company.

Second, the problem that may bring

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Although receiving erotic underwear in the company can avoid the embarrassment of courier pushing doors, it may also cause some problems.The first is how to receive express notifications.Many women do not know when they will receive a package of sexy underwear. If they miss the courier delivery time, isn’t it embarrassing?Secondly, if the company will have business secrets and confidential documents, receiving sex underwear may leak private information. After all, there are also senders and product information on the courier notification.

Third, the best solution

In order to avoid the problems brought by the erotic underwear to the company, the best solution is to use the company’s address to collect express services.Most courier companies have such services. After sending the courier to the company’s address, the company will notify the recipient to collect it.This service can not only protect privacy, but also ensure that the courier is sent to the recipient.

Fourth, how to protect privacy

As a kind of private item, the privacy protection of sexy underwear is very important.When shopping online, it is best not to use personal addresses, but use the company’s address or express delivery.After the express delivery arrives, it is best to quantity from the front desk in advance, so that the front desk will notify the recipient to collect the front desk.In this way, the recipient can notify the recipient to receive the courier without exposing the product information.

5. Receive method

After receiving notifications to receive sex underwear, it is best not to collect it publicly.Before receiving sexy underwear, it is best to keep a certain distance with colleagues.If it is really inconvenient to receive in the company, you can also choose to collect or pick up at home at the location of the courier response.

6. Precautions

When receiving sexy underwear, it is best not to put the sexy underwear in an obvious place, so as not to see and cause passive, it is best to put it in the handbag.At the same time, pay attention to packaging bags for sexy underwear. It is best not to use transparent bags or bags with brand logos.


7. How to deal with packaging

If you receive sex underwear in the company, you need to process the packaging.It is best not to leave the packaging in the company, let alone throw it into the public trash can from being seen by others.It is best to pack it up or put it in the trash directly after returning home.

8. Summary

Although receiving sexy underwear in the company may bring some problems and embarrassment, it can effectively avoid these problems and better protect privacy by using courier services, paying attention to receiving methods and processing packaging.